MySpace: Reduced to Playing Favorites

You're my very best myspace friend.

Myspace has finally triumphed in becoming the ultimate digital high school. You will now notice that they have given you the power to list your friends in any order you like. No longer are you stuck with the Top 8 friends that MySpace chooses to display for your profile. If you get into a fight with your best friend, you now have the power to show the world how much you dislike them booting them off your Top 8 friends display…Think Mean Girls gone web-savvy. Or “cool kids lunch table” as my friend Kelly suggested.

What could possibly be next on MySpace’s to-do-list? Putting captions on all of your friends pictures that display on your profile? (EX- “This guy has a hairy back.” “This girl threw up in my bathroom.” “I think I made out with him.” “Has a cute roommate.” etc.)

Let the pettiness begin!

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