The Strokes’ “Juicebox” Gets Squeezed

As you may know already, “Juicebox”, one of the songs off of the new Strokes album, has already been leaked on the internet. Early listeners have been less than enthusiastic upon their initial listening.

I have to say, upon my first listening I was…er…taken aback by the Batman theme song music that served as the first 10 seconds of the song. However I do like the part where Julian screams “Why won’t you come over here?”


Smile! You’re on Crackhead Camera

Pete snaps

Everyone loves a success as much as they love a failure. The jury is still out on which one Pete Doherty is. In the meantime, check out these great shots by Andrew Kendall.

In related news, the missus, Coke Kate Moss (thanks Vince) has been fired from clothing giant H & M‘s latest campaign. Apparently models hopped up on cocaine is soooo 1992.

Coldplay Release EP to Benefit Katrina Victims

On September 14th, Coldplay, Capitol Records and Apple released “Fix You,” a digital EP that includes two songs previously unreleased in the US — “Pour Me” and “The World Turned Upside Down” — in addition to two versions of “Fix You,” the band’s new single from the double platinum album “X&Y.” The EP is available exclusively on the iTunes Music Store in the US.

CMJ for Your Phone

I thought this was a cool service for those people who are totally not good with times or places of shows for CMJ. You can use the following service from any leading mobile
provider. Text message 4INFO (44636) and keep track of your favorite bands’ performances as well as any others you may be interested in seeing.

Here are some easy examples:

Txt “cmj doves” to 44636 to get the locations and times the Doves
will be playing.
Txt “cmj knitting factory” for a list of performances at the KF.
Txt “cmj thumbsucker” for information on this film fest event.

Also, if you want to stay in the know about breaking CMJ Music Marathon
news, including changes in events and updates on venue times, you can
register with 4INFO to get updates sent to your phone. Text “cmj info” to
44636 to include yourself on the update list.

H & M Denim Party for David LaChapelle

Romeo and Juliet symbol

Screening of Romeo and Juliet short

La Chapelle claps for his leading lady Tamyra

The H & M and Interview party for David La Chapelle‘s new commercial featuring American Idol‘s Tamyra Gray for & denim at Splashlight Studios can be summed up in the following words: shirtless boys, bikini-tops, drag queens, Amanda Lepore, Veronica Webb, svedka vodka, “Dreamgirls,” “stylists,” and Nick Zinner waiting on the line to get in around 12am.