…My So Called Performance Piece

Claire Danes dances?

Tonight I went to go see a new dance piece at PS 122 called “Christina Olson: American Model.” The show as conceived and choreographed by Tamar Rogoff for a student of hers that’s been studying with her for 15 months. Her name is Claire Danes. You may know her from such things as kissing Jordan Catalano in the boiler room.

Needless to say, it was quite interesting seeing an actor do a dance piece…but as the program and all the press pieces surrounding this show keep reminding us, Claire Danes is no stranger to dance, having studied as a child before being whisked away to evil TV Land.

According to the AP: “During her performance, Danes explores the life of Christina Olson, the woman depicted in Andrew Wyeth’s painting “Christina’s World,” who suffered from a muscular deterioration that left her arms weak and her lower body paralyzed but who found ways to move relying only on her own strength.”

The entire show is performed by Danes in a black box theater, minimal soundtrack, and stage effects. It was interesting to watch, I enjoyed the performance…despite the fact that sometimes Danes got so close to me that I almost started giggling.

Another amusing footnote, fashion designer and Danes friend Zac Posen sat front row center during tonight’s performance. He brought along a bouquet of flowers to give to Danes after the show and beamed like a proud grandmother when she finished her performance.

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