Why Do Indie Rockers Make Bad Lovers?

…because they are always complaining about the 7 inches they don’t have.

I’ve forgotten who first told me that joke, but it’s one of my favorites.

Well lord knows why it’s taken Jack White until the end of the US tour to finally mention the 3-inch record player they’ve been selling at the shows. Yes that’s right, a record play that plays 3-inch records. I remember seeing it at the shows…I think it cost around 130 dollars at the merch table–which of course I didn’t have to spend on something I would almost never ever use. But it’s kinda cool…I guess. Just wonder why Jack’s mentioning it now. Have they gotten to the end of the tour and are now worried they’ve made too many of a big-ticket item and now he is trying to direct sales to the product? Sorry, I’ve been reading Freakenomics, I’m skeptical of everything right now…

UPDATE: The kids tell me that they just started selling them at Coney Island…hence why announcing the product now.

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  1. He’s just now mentioning it because they just started selling them at the Coney Island shows and they won’t be sold at many shows.

  2. freakonomics is a great read.. i particularly enjoyed the “why drug dealers live with their mothers” chapter..

    as for the three inch record player… wtf??? .. total waste of money.. so where can i get one?? ha

  3. Go into the official website and read the new message from Jack. He explains in detail what happened with the merchandise. He feels really bad. When I read this message, I know why I love Jack so much. He’s a great man!!

  4. i know, i was appauled when i read the transcript. he took it about 10x further than freakanomics guy though…making the rightwing leap from ’empoverished/underprivileged’ to ‘all black babies’. he changed it from a pro-choice slant to so much racist babble. laura: sorry for addressing such non-fun stuff here. so um…yeah, jack white! tight mariachi pants!

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