White Stripes Prove Worthy of World Domination

White Stripes Keyspan Park

White Stripes Keyspan Park

White Stripes Keyspan Park

White Stripes Keyspan Park

White Stripes Keyspan Park

Woops! Dropped one!

Jack and Meg take one final shot on the Polaroid

White Stripes Keyspan Park

THE SETLIST. Please fill in the blanks: When I Hear My Name / Blue Orchid / Party of Special Things to Do (Cover Captain Beefheart) / Lovesick (Cover of Bob Dylan) / My Doorbell / Cannon / Little Room / Passive Manipulation (with Jack singing!) / Dead Leaves / The Nurse / Sister Do You Know My Name / Death Letter / Grinnin’ In Your Face (Cover of Eddie “Son” House) / Hotel Yorba / Same Boy You’ve Always Known / I Smell a Rat / Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine ( ??? ) ENCORE: Denial Twist / Hardest Button to Button (intro only) / Red Rain / Hardest Button to Button / Ball and a Biscuit / Seven Nation Army / Screwdriver / Boll Weevil

Oh what a difference a day makes! The White Stripes second night at Coney Island’s Keyspan Park was absolutely phenomenal! Everything I thought that could have been improved on in last night’s performance was solved within the first 5 minutes of the Stripes coming on stage. First off, when Meg and Jack greeted the crowd, Jack held up a black Polaroid camera in his hand, and pointed it at himself, then took a picture. He proceeded to fling the shot deep into the crowd. (If you know anyone who caught one, please scan it and post it somewhere. Then e-mail me!) He continued doing this a few times. Already I could tell that this night was going to be good. First song was a blazing rendition of “When I Hear My Name.” I nearly started crying.

Some key points before I go to sleep:

Ms. Karen Elson was indeed in the audience tonight. Last night she was busy performing with Citizen’s Band, but tonight her schedule was free so she stood in the wings and bopped her head along to the music.

Jack was a lot more playful tonight. In addition to throwing around tons of Polaroid pictures of himself and Meg, he also took some time to make jokes like this one (between “Hotel Yorba” and “Same Boy You’ve Always Known”): “Meg had breakfast with Dennis Hopper today.” ::Crowd cheers:: “That’s not true.” ::Crowd laughs self-conciously:: At the start of the show he said something about children not being allowed to make noise, but then proceeded to tell the crowd that “you can cheer whenever you want.”

Did anyone else notice the mirror that sits on the right side of Jack’s grand piano? Some running theories of the purpose of the mirror: To see Meg, to check himself out, to check for broccoli in teeth…

The Greenhornes at Shout!

After the show ended around 11, my companions and I headed to Shout! at Bar 13 to catch The Greenhornes. The audience was sprinkled with notable musicians such as Brendan Benson, Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and the lady of the evening herself, Ms. Meg White.

I’m absolutely tired right now, but I’ll update later…

21 Replies to “White Stripes Prove Worthy of World Domination”

  1. Ha, I knew they would top last night’s show! That’s the way things have been going this whole tour. I’m glad you enjoyed it and that your faith has been restored. *big smile*

  2. The one about cards was of course Party Of Special Things to Do. As long as you have been a WS fan, I’d think you would know that. Hahaha.

  3. “The wealthy man” song isn’t a cover, it’s Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine. Hahaha Laura, how long has it been since you’ve listened to the WS?

  4. live for NYC, they did Isis during the Radio City Music Hall show w/ the strokes.

    and re: Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine–i really don’t think they played that song…i couldn’t make out any of the words b/c he was singing so high, but it really didn’t sound like that song…i don’t think…. if someone can vouch for them playing that song, maybe it was but i don’t think so.

  5. it’s the white suit – i saw them 3 times on this tour and the white suit night was the best.
    that polaroid trick is great! i would love to see how they turned out.

    also… someone had to tell you to get tickets for both nights? 🙂 i’m glad they convinced you – love the photos.

  6. Jack White + White Matador outfit with red embroidering = The Most Badass Man in Rock

    “The camel wore a nighty!!”

  7. That mirror is to see Meg. I think he feels lost when he can’t see her or he just watches to make sure she doesn’t screw up. Hahaha.

  8. For being such a HUGE White Stripes fan, I’m surprised you dont know the final song that they play (cover) to indicate what Jack deems a “good show,” BOLL Weevil by Leadbelly?

    Now that I’ve made fun of you, I will agree with you and say that definetly, the saturday night show lacked any sort of rythm or direction. As it was a school night I sadly could not attend sunday nights show to compare.

    I did see them back to back in Minneapolis in August, and absolutely, the 2nd show is always better…of course the first one in Minneapolis was amazing too.

    Of the 6 shows I have seen of them, last saturday night was by far the worst. I actually felt kinda letdown after paying 50 bucks, and spending an hour on the train just to get down there. Sigh.

  9. in 2002, he played as how in philly and turned the mirror towards the audience because they were all not paying attention to the stripes playing. so jack says “here, now you can watch yourself” and left the stage

  10. I agree. It was their best show last Sunday.I feel soooooo stupid for following the instructions on the ticket and not bringing in my camera. Everyone else did and had no problem with security. Folks, do try to procure some footage of sundays show at Keyspan for us desperate fools out here.

    Say, did anyone notice that Jack put on like ten pounds since getting married? How in the hell does one gain weight while touring? Ahh, the good life.

  11. Yes, please do try and procure a video of last Sunday’s show at Keyspan. I respected the warning on the ticket and left my camera at home while everyone else brought theirs and had no problem with security at all.

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