Pick My New Camera

As you may see from the White Stripes photos below, my camera has decided to stop zooming. I’ve had my little Nikon Coolpix 885 camera since 2001 and it has seen me through numerous shows and made a lot of the reporting you’ve seen here possible. But I think it’s time to move on to a new camera…except I don’t know the first thing about good digital cameras. So if you could leave your opinions as to what cameras are good (especially for low-light concert settings) I’d be much obliged. Here are some other things to consider: I like to be able to manual focus, I like black and white, I like quick shot-to-shot ability. If you’re currently using a camera you like a lot, please feel free to send along URLs or email me (newcamera @ themodernage.org) images you’ve taken with your camera. If there’s a camera out there that can minimize blurry shots taken by my shaky little hands, that’s also a plus.

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  1. I don’t know your budget, but for anything non-SLR, I swear by Canon’s G-series. I use a G3 for all my concert photography – it’s one of the only P&Ss that can go down to f2.0, which lets in so much more light than the f2.8 that is the maximum aperture of most P&S (including the S80). It’s not the most compact camera, but it’s not that cumbersome and I rather like the fact that it has some weight to it – makes it easier to hold steady at longer shutter speeds.


  2. as a photographer and a past owner of the 885, I recommend the nikon coolpix 4600 or the wonderous 8 mega pix nikon coolpix 8800!!! fan bloody tastic.


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