The Strokes’ “Juicebox” Gets Squeezed

As you may know already, “Juicebox”, one of the songs off of the new Strokes album, has already been leaked on the internet. Early listeners have been less than enthusiastic upon their initial listening.

I have to say, upon my first listening I was…er…taken aback by the Batman theme song music that served as the first 10 seconds of the song. However I do like the part where Julian screams “Why won’t you come over here?”


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  1. Holy Toledo….you said it sounds like batman which i agreed with and then it bugged me and bugged me. Cos it’s not actually batman that it sounds like. So I rang everyone I know and sang them the song i hear.

    It’s the blues brothers!!! It’s like the interpretive blues brothers theme song.

    Sorry, I’m excited cos that successfully pushed me over the edge.

    I didn’t mind the song though. It made me stop dead in my tracks when I heard it. Holy departure batman.

    The Blues Brothers Vs the Strokes….now there’s a project for you soulwax wannabes.

  2. Maybe if The Strokes didn’t try to over-complicate their arrangements that no 16 year old female fan cares about, or write original yet un-melodic tunes, then they may stand out as a proper New York rock band again, instead of instrumental smartasses. I haven’t heard the rest of the album yet obviously, so I’m just gonna call this one “Shit Box.”

  3. i agree. it was bad. but julian screaming is good. they pushed his vocals forward, but the music is like terrible modern rock. just because you make a departure, it doesn’t mean it’s a good thing, especially when the direction is total shite.

  4. hey the blues brothers theme is called the Peter Gunn theme..

    In case you wanted to download it or something.

    That movie is so great.

  5. Bands always start sucking when people in the band get married. Yuk

    Also: Do you have any idea what hes singing for most of the song besides the ” why wont you come over here” and “your so cold , your so cooold” cause i dont have a clue.

  6. This song is a lot more interesting and enjoyable than the abomination that was ‘Room On Fire’. My friends and I all sat around at 2am blasting this and repeating, ‘My god, it’s Strokes gone metal!’ Which surprisingly isn’t a bad thing. Total goodness.

  7. Batman? I’m going to go with another great 60s show, the Munsters. The intro sounds like a blatant ripoff to me.

  8. Besides the fact that I am a huge Strokes fan. I think that this a fan effing tastic song. Not their best and it didn’t hit me like the first time I heard Last Nite, but good all the same. I like the new direction they are taking. And Julian’s vocals are awesome. Most of the album is going to feature his vocals more than the past.

  9. hey guys… just adding my two cents. I heard in a post that the first few times you hear it, this song strikes you as complete sh**. which, incidently, i felt somewhat a few minutes ago when i heard the song. But, after a few times listening, the song is actually quite good imho. I cant really understand it, but when Julian shouts “yes ive gone” (i think thats what i heard) the song brings back that feeling i got when I heard him pleading “give me some time i just need a little time” in you talk way too much. rating? 7/10. nothing spectactular, but i admire the boys trying something different, and this song has a good vibe to it.

  10. Just played it in my car and crashed.
    What are you lot on?! It’s a blinding track – Nick and Albert’s guitars work really well together, the bass and drums sound superb and Julian is actually singing, which he proves he can do. Can’t wait to hear this live. Getting a new producer in was a genius move.

  11. I’m a big fan of the strokes, mainly because of their ability to write top quality pop songs. Plain and simple. I don’t think they need to be the ultra-intellectual-mind-fuck of a band that some people think they ought to be. That’s why I’m disappointed with this song, because it feels like a forced departure. Initially I thought this song would grow on me but it hasn’t. Every band should try and progress and improve upon their previous effort but that doesn’t always mean they should depart from what they’re good at. From all the things I’ve read, this album is supposed to be varied. So I don’t expect Juicebox to be a complete reflection of the album.

  12. I love it!! Ok, it took a few listens to get into it, but now I can’t stop singing “Everybody sees me, but it’s not that easy, standing in the light field, waiting for some action, (screaming) WHY WON’T YOU COME OVER HERE, WE’VE GOT A CITY TO LOVE” I don’t have a clue what any of that means… genius!!

  13. Well u lot dhould shut up its mint song nd no one can take that away from the strokes its a refreshing new sound> The critices should stop fucking contidicting themselves, they say room on fire was too similar to is this it and now they say, oooh this new sound aint very good well quite frankly u can shove ur reviews up ur ass. ITS AMMMAAAAZZIIIIIIIIN!!!!!!!!FUK OFF IS IT LIKE A BATMAN THYEME TUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Ok.. first time I heard it, yes, I thought it was bad, very bad. But after listening to it 35+, I just can’t get enough. It’s such an awesome song and I love the way Julian screams the chorus. It’s really amazing. All of you people out there that call it “Shit Box” or whataver, give it a few more listens, then tell me what you think.

  15. It’s over produced and it doesn’t stick in my head. Overall, I think it’s a negative departure from their roots.

  16. Took me few a listens to realise what an AWESOME track Juicebox is. Really proves that Julian can sing. LOVE how he screams the chorus reckon its excellent. Loving his vocals. To all those who reckon the heavy guitar riffs sound like the batman theme so what if it does it sounds great and suits the song so just give it a rest its an awesome track give it a few more listens. Also loving Hawaii Aloha. Loving their new sound so glad they’ve made a departure not saying that their previous albums werent amazing cos they were its time for a change and The Strokes have succeeded. Cant wait til their new album!!

  17. An EXACT copy, not from batman, but a song off the Crusty Demons of Dirt 3 Soundtrack.

    Track 4 “Thanks”

    Not sure of the artist

  18. F’in’ great song. The Strokes get better and better whilst their reviews get worse and worse. I feel sorry for ’em.

  19. i love the strokes and i love the song and wtf a band dosent suck atfer some in the band gets maried and it dosent sound like a batman track…the video is al ittle wierd but i love it!

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