4 Replies to “Movies I’ve Seen This Week”

  1. Proof is pretty boring. Anthony Hopkins is clearly on another plane of acting mastery than Gwynnie, he derails the movie by being too fucking good compared to her. Thumbsucker was just alright. Wow I totally remember loving Mills’ graphics for the Air records so much a few years back…he’s a tepid director but Lou Pucci is a young lion.

  2. the songs in thumbsucker were good but otherwise…meh. but did you check out his ‘thank you’ list? (yes, i stay til the very end of movies) a few coppolas, a zappa, loads of good bands…it was the most impressive part of the film.

  3. Who, Kate and I completely disagree here. To my mind there’s only one word that properly describes this over-reaching and undercooked movie: excruciating. It’s funny, it had the unpleasant effect of making me not ever touch In Cold Blood.

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