Pete Doherty TV Comes to Your Computer Screen

Bala Chada

Pete Doherty and his manager have brought it upon themselves to create a “living biography” Web site for the troubled musician named Bala Chadha–street slang for crack cocaine. Subscribers to the site will have access to home videos, song previews, poetry, and journal excerpts by Doherty.

Pete Doherty once again tests my faith in humanity.

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  1. Why, God, why???
    I don’t really get it…is he trying to get off crack? or is he just trying to show the world how far someone’s head can actually go up their own arse. Why?

  2. “tests your faith in humanity…” oh la la, what a thing to say. Crazy Pete is true rock & roll hero material. You think real rock & roll is about smelling nice and sitting pretty and being sensible ‘n shit? I mean, Pete is one of the few authentic examples of a rock & roll spirit we have these days. Nice people don’t make good rock & roll, the good ones have always been crazy drug-addled jerks, from Chuck Berry to Jerry Lee, the Ig, the Stones, you name it…

  3. fROM NME:

    PETE DOHERTY has launched a brand new website to give fans an insight into his private life.

    Along with his friend and literary agent Paul Roundhill, the Babyshambles singer has unveiled

    God…This make laugh so hard… His so-called literary agent, Paul Roundhill, is his heroin supplier. He was also Boy George’s dealer in the day. The guy is a complete weasel. He scammed heaps of fans out of money by hosting a show that never happened with Pete and friends. The a****** went and bought a big screen tv while we were waiting for the show to begin. He then returned to the venue with his new purchase and almost caused a riot when we demanded our money back. He offered to repay the 16 year old kids in heroin. We were all so disgusted that we launched a lawsuit against him. Bad news… this guy!

  4. Does not surprise me one bitty. Apparently there is going to now be a “fee” that you need to pay to access the content of The fans are already in a tizzy about it on the site’s forum (what, you think I could resist signing up for it?)
    I wish Hedi Slimane or SOMEONE would save Peter…The sweet little lamb, he really is gonna be goners if someone doesn’t intervene.

  5. Pete Doherty, in a word, is a genius. i heard, ever since he was in school he was labelled as a poet. what a waste, he has fallen into the submission of ‘Reality TV’, the shittest of all interests. The libertines were immense, i truly feel bitter about himself selling videos of himself fucked off his head. im from merseyside, i met him once at this final libertines gig, shared the stage. he couldnt pronounce words properly, he wasnt able to say anything really, what a wanker. fuck him, let him claim his faggot fake money off his faggot fraud fans, i want real people with real faith in music, i want pure music, go forth, be as one, lets start a revolution, fuck doherty and the people who think he is ‘true’ rock ‘n’ roll, he will kill himself as a fashion statement. real rock ‘n’ roll is about the music and attitude, not about pretence. au revoir

  6. i think evry1 should leave him alone, he is a fantastic musician with a briliant talent. i saw babyshambles at glasto and thought they were the highlight of the weekend. if u really listened to his lyrics then u would c he is a musical genious. i love him and think that evry1 else should too. rock nd roll baby yeah!!!!!!!!

  7. pete doherty is a true musical genius – a rare talent. he may have done drugs, but so have about half the other rock stars out there. anyway, people should care more about the fact that he makes great music. he’s amazing. nuff said.

  8. Leave pete alone, if you dont like his music then dont listen to it, if you dont like the website, dont go on it!! Im sure he will not give a s**t! He’s got a massive fan base whos supported him since the libertines days, we love him and his music, he’s a true rock n roll living legend and what he does in his private life is nothing to do with us.

  9. why do people always say he is a genius? He shared songwriting duties with Barat in the libertines and Barat is a far more accomplished musician who actually taught Pete guitar.

  10. pete doherty IS a genius he achieved 10 A*s at GCSE and he went to oxford university, no ordinary person does that. he’s very talented and so what he got taugh guitar by carl barat everyone has to learn somewhere. if pete didnt have talent then he wouldnt have all the fans behind him that he does!

  11. he has gone to arizona where kate has just gone. i wish him well and love him very much. everyone can express their feeling but if you cannot see his true genius then you ARE a cunt. bye

  12. Peter is a master of what he does… and everything he does he does it to the Nth degree! sadly that includes drugs… lets make no mistake real doherty fans dont aplaud his addiction or any of his drug taking in one word its scummy. But his music is wonderful and he truly is a unique and interestingly deep human! If only someone can get through too him!! or at least lock him up till hes over it! :O how many times has he been bailed now 4-5 ??

  13. come too think about it though… is this all of his own doing?? i mean poke the man with a stick while hes in a cage??? pretty close too all of this dont you think… also its self published or whatever and still doesnt potray him in a good light whats with that!!!!!

  14. Aye! Its all his own doing.You make yer own bed BLAH!BLAH! Self published! Well we”ve all got our ego”s and money to make, but music speaks louder than words and the guy”s written a few gud un”s that people dont recognize or like. He”s got shit for veins feeding his musically talented mind tho, and an ability to piss people off. here!here! the latter. I for one hopes he gets himself sorted so he can shine in a better light. That will really piss some people off. Others may join the bandwagon.

  15. That cringeworthy site has nothing personally to do with Pete Doherty. But drug addicts do attract leeches.

  16. you publish serious accusations about me submitted by anonymous and cowardly non-entities.whoever is behind this campaign of malicious lies should either have the guts to declare themselves or give pete a bit of credit for knowing who his friends are. these accusations smack of bitterness and envy and if this modern age wishes to pay damages for these slanders just keep on repeating them.

  17. I have known Paul Roundhill for thirty years and I can categorically state he is not a heroin dealer, Whoever the cowardly creature is on `Modern Age ‘ making these allegations…watch out! you could have a lawsuit on your hands. I know people get jealous around Pete…but if he likes Paul and they’ve got a creative thing going on …well, try to appreciate our artists!

  18. Sometimes ones affilations and youthful choices lead to premature DEATH. I buried my one and only at the age of 22. How genius was that?

  19. Haha everyone in the East End knows what Roundhill is. I don’t know anyone who isn’t a junkie who has a single good word to say about the man.

    Where’s the lawsuit then Ro?

  20. HI I wanted to say a couple of things .I have to say I love kate shes a great modle and ever picture she poses for is awesome ……..And I remember her wanting one thing in her life but I hope she didn’t forget that one thing cuz it’s not to do drugs or hang with pete well she can hang with pete if she wants but what about Daughter Lila grace .God don’t get me wrong I look up to kate moss .And theres no one in the world I look up to more I just want that kid to have a mom so when she grows up she’ll no she has someone to talk to..And kate I hope you make the right desions in life ..And not at all sure what to say about pete……………………………’s funny cuz this isn’t the first time I wrote a comment but hope for the best for all of three of you………..

  21. i am looking into this paul roundhill chap so anyone who knows any hard facts might like to get in touch with me – all in strict confidence

  22. Well, here we know how nice a person Paul Roundhill is. A guy goes to his flat, gets his clothes burned, seemingly beaten up by Roundhill and his guests and then…SHOCK OF SHOCKS…

    Ends up dead after “falling off a balcony”.

    Is the “creative thing” killing people?



  24. Pete and Paul. Hunter knows the truth and very soon he’s going to arrive in your lives. Be ready for the nightmare.

  25. No one has made crack as famouse as Pete. It’s obsene. Someone should kill him and do us all a favour.

  26. Doherty is a middle class cunt playing at being dangerous. His music is not groundbreaking – the guy is massively overated – He is a product of these times – celebrity culture/trivia/nonsense. The boy is sad in his associations – knocking up pathetic twerps such as Paul Ro not a lot of thought there!

  27. Paul Ro is being evicted next month from his hovel – lets hope he ends up in the gutter a broken man with absesses & possible amputations – he has heaped misery on countless people & pay back is in sight. Doherty wants to watch his back.

  28. mister civilian what’s your contact details? I knew the scumbag in the late ’70’s

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