Wherever You Look You Can See that Everybody Wants to be Part of the Rock Scene

I usually cannot keep up with all the new softer-sounding British bands that are around. There are tons of bands following the footsteps of Travis, Embrace, and Coldplay. See groups such as the guitarless AND bassless songsters Keane, or that dude I keep seeing on MTV commercials, Aqualung.

So whenever I stumble upon a really great song by one of those “quiet is the new loud” Brit bands, I am always taken slight aback. One of those songs was last year’s “Westside” by Athlete. It’s a humorous (ironic?) song about what it’s like to be part of the “glamorous” rock scene.

So based on their good track record, you may as well check out the video for their new warm and inviting love song, “Half-Light”. It features four pasty white guys in a desert and slo-mo video of cute animals. Check it out: Hi RAM | Hi ASX | Lo ASX | Lo RAM

7 Replies to “Wherever You Look You Can See that Everybody Wants to be Part of the Rock Scene”

  1. Keane has a guitar player, it’s a bass player they lack, or rather their singer can’t sing and play bass at the same time as he does on the album, so he has a laptop to play his pre-recorded basslines during live performances, or so I gather.

    It’s still lame.

  2. Er, unless they have changed band members, Keane does not have a guitar player. They are just drums, piano and vocals. Their keyboard/piano guy occasionally plays bass on songs which is why during live gigs, he can’t play both instruments. And I’m not ashamed to like their album a lot. :p

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