9 Replies to “You Know You’re Not Hip When You’re on the Cover of Rolling Stone”

  1. The Strokes were on the cover of Rolling Stone and you didn’t have a problem with it did you? I heard there was a rumor that The White Stripes would be on the cover and I don’t like that at all, because they’ve turned the cover down in the past. I would be disappointed if that happens. If it does, I hope Jack has a good explanation for it.

  2. isn’t it getting boring blogging about how popular coldplay is? should have done that 12 million records ago…
    the new album is good, i like it, end of story.

  3. i want to cut Chris Martin’s hand off. TAKE THAT SHIT OFF YOU’RE HAND DUDE.

    More importantly, what do hand politics say?

    Sam Bravery: Writes On Knuckles

    Chris Martin: coloured bandaids on fingers

    Pete Doherty: black stains

    Brandon Flowers: nail varnish

    50 Cent: pedicures

    Michael Jackson: one glove

    Sam Bravery – to remember girl’s name he slept with previous night

    Chris Martin – Benneton commercial on digits “I’m boring, but check out my fingers! PS, see front of hand for a message I can’t articulate through music”

    Pete Doherty – crack stains are cool, crack is cool, isn’t it? shit, it is, right? I’m cool right? I’m a rock star, yeah, ok.

    Brandon Flowers – I’m metrosexual, AMN’T I, AMN’T I!!! YAYYYYY. PS I’m not gay, fuck you.

    50 Cent – Diddy told me

    Michael Jackson – the other one is lodged…somewhere…gotta go now.

  4. your a fucking idiot dude that equals sign on his hand is for a good fucking cause. go to maketradefair.com and learn something about whats on his hand you jackass. your completely ignorant and stupid

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