M.I.A. and R.A.M.E.N.

Can you spot the dirty hippie?

On Sunday I was one of the thousands of people who tried to go see M.I.A. at Summerstage. Unfortunately me and my posse rolled up to Central Park a little too late to make the cut to get inside (as did Travis Morrison, formerly of Dismemberment Plan, who was standing behind us and therefore also turned away), so instead we sat behind the stage and just listened to the music.

As we waited for M.I.A. to come on, I discussed the merits of Summerstage errecting large projection screens behind the bleachers of the venue, so that way folks that don’t make it inside can not only hear the event, they could see it as well. We also saw Nora from “Project Runway” walking through the crowd and saw some dude get arrested.

Then the best part of the evening: an announcement was made over the PA for a 15-year-old boy named Ian. Ian’s grandma was looking for him. The crowd “awwwwed.” Ian probably cringed mid-mack on the cute 14-year-old he was talking to and mumbled, “Aw man! Grams is always cramping my style!”

Five years later, M.I.A. finally went on and dirty hippies danced in a circle by one of the walkways of the park. I believe M.I.A. may have only played a grand total of 35 minutes before going off stage to do a costume change for the encore (which we didn’t stay for). The spartan set promted me to say, “M.I.A. = GYP” although Matt had a good point by saying, “Hey, it was free. What more could you want.”

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Yesterday I beat the rain by heading in to Momofuku, that cool ramen noodle bar on 1st Avenue and 11th Street that you must go to as soon as you can. I’d been there once before, and remembered it being good, but man…I didn’t remember it tasting THAT good. Oh it was so tasty I could have cried. Instead I ate way too much and then had to drink a Coca-Cola to settle my stomach while I watched Murderball at the Sunshine Theater. Mmmm…ramen.

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