Sausagefest…on Purpose?

Last night’s show at Southpaw was great. There was a fantastic turnout, totally packed to the gills. BK local Ben Kweller even showed up really early to take in all the local sounds. But the biggest buzz of the night (besides the super-amplified enthusiasm surrounding Clap Your Hands Say Yeah) was the fact that when Dirty on Purpose took the stage they were short one member–keyboardist, and resident “hot chick”, Erika Forster.

By the third song the crowd was demanding to know where she was, “Where’s Erika?!,” shouted one member of the crowd to the band. Guitarist Joe Jurewicz replied by saying, “I think she’s in Japan…” with the other guitarist, George Wilson adding, “She’s in another band.” The crowd continued to mumble. Nora started shouting angrily, “You can’t have a band without the hot girl! Where’s the hot girl?!” She was thumping the bar counter so furiously that I feared that the alcohol might spill out of the plastic cup she was holding. “Now they have no excuse for playing sissy music,” I overheard someone else say.

However, the good news is you can still catch Erika in her other band, Au Revoir Simone at Rothko on August 12th.

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  1. yeah, but what you failed to mention was that they sounded pretty good. more power! oh, and now that erika’s gone, there’s a 50% reduction of off-key singing.

  2. I’d never seen them before, but I too was surprised when there was no female in the band. I whispered to my friend that I could swear there was, not because of the female vocals, but mostly because their website has a feminine feel. You can’t fake stuff like that. (I could be wrong about their website, since it’s down right now, I can’t verify).

  3. to clarify:

    I said I think she’s in Japan. then george said she’s in another band.

    we all parted ways amicably, and erika is going on quite an extensive tour with Au Revoir Simone in the fall, so it was inevitable that she would have to leave us.

    as for the singing, I am still holding it down with my 7 year old girl voice, so there’s still plenty of off key singing to go around.

    oh and our site will be up soon, I forgot to reregister the domain name like a dumbass. it will still be extra feminine. we keeps it real.

    thanks for coming last nite everyone.
    Modernage forever.
    over and out.

  4. ha ha ha.i love that they have no excuse for doing sissy music. ha!

    i can’t stand this band….in my review for kitty magik i said:

    “If someone had given the children from Flowers In The Attic a guitar, it would probably sound just like this. The music picks up on the final track, but by that time I, much like the mother of this ill-fated brood, had already turned my back on them.”

  5. in all fairness, camille, you don’t really listen to music like dirty on purpose — at least judging by your booking roster. you do however like the other band i manage, knife skills, which is great, but we all know ks is on the other side of the spectrum in sound to dirty on purpose. i think i met you at fon lin’s loft party, and i know i’ve emailed with you a few times.

    as a writer and music lover myself, it’s a very fine line to review music if you’re not particularly fond of the genre in general. i think there are a lot of other people in the room who do enjoy music that teeters between delicate and aggressive, music that isn’t afraid of being hard to define.

    using the word “sissy” is such a cop-out, and a fairly lazy descriptor. why does one have to be either sissy or aggressive. as human beings, aren’t we both? music is an expression of ourselves, and if you could tell from dirty on purpose, their music is sensitive and subtle, but still dynamic. people shy away from this. they want music that grabs you with its dancey trendiness. something that is easily accessible. music you don’t have to think to enjoy. are we afraid to actually think about and enjoy music that digs a bit deeper and reaches out a little further, and forces you to think about music in a different way than what is popular? yes, we are. also, it’s obviously it’s a different aesthetic than what you prefer.

    as far as erika, i think everyone is being unfair. to call her simply a “hot chick” is ridiculous. she’s a great person with lots of creativity, but obviously her heart is more in au revoir simone and that aesthetic. we have nothing but good wishes for her. we’re firm believers in supporting our friends in their musical endeavors because we’re a community. we get to know people and work to support each other. that’s what makes it all worth while. anyone who thinks different doesn’t know what it means to be a music community. knife skills is just as supportive of dirty on purpose, as dirty on purpose are of knife skills. we are a family who recognizes each other’s talents and dreams, and we have the utmost respect for each other.

  6. One line can sum up last nights show, pitchforks reviews, and the blogger community that attended last nights show.

    The Emperor wears No Clothes.

  7. i was joking about the hot chick thing. really! i’m sorry about that. i’m sure she’s a wonderful person. but in all honestly, i think her absence really made a big difference in their dynamic to the point where people felt the need to respond the way that they did. how good was clap your hands though? SO GOOD. sorry if i spilled on you laura…

  8. using the word “sissy” is absolutely appropriate when you are heckling a band.

    a bigger cop-out is thinking that if you don´t like dirty on purpose, you must be into trendy dance music.

    oh, and in my opinion, a real music lover recognizes greatness in every genre. Unfortunately, most people who write about music aren´t lovers, they´re scenesters.

  9. to anonymous’s comment on music lovers —

    this is true about bloggers, they tend to be scenesters, not music critics — but that’s why they don’t get paid for it. and unfortunately, this is also becoming more and more true about critics — and i could go on and on about the steady decline of rock journalism too… but i won’t.

    and i used dancey rock music as an example, not as an exclusive. and if music lovers did actually educate themselves on every genre of music and become experts, then they probably would realize the greatness of music in every genre. but those people are few and far between today… and unfortunately, they probably aren’t writing music reviews.

  10. I was as excited as anyone about this show. But man was it bad. I like the CYHSY CD but Dr. Dog was the only band that put on any kind of a show. It was dork city in that place too damn!

  11. I can think of no bigger “sissy” move than posting an anonymous, disparaging note on a message board.

    If you want your opinions to carry any weight, link to your site, so we can contextualize your comment. At the very least, get creative and make up something we can call you.

  12. I think their music is still fantastic even with the absence of a member. They have great chemistry and I’m sure this change will only make them better!

  13. I know I’m all late and shit. But Jinners it is unfair to base my taste in music solely on my roster.

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