Save Me from Scissor Sisters Dilemma

Attention all lovers of the Scissor Sisters. Do any of you want to buy my scissor sisters ticket for tonight at Mercury Lounge? They are performing with the fabulous Morningwood under the pseudonym, Megapussi. I’m selling the ticket for face value–19.05 bucks. You’ll need to meet me in front of the Mercury at 7pm, as I’m DJing the Vicious show in Brooklyn tonight. The show is 21 and up.

If you are interested, e-mail me at missmodernage @ and put “Scissor Sisters” in the subject heading. I’d much rather sell it to someone who reads the site rather than someone who read my post on Craigslist.


2 Replies to “Save Me from Scissor Sisters Dilemma”

  1. fuck. it is 6:43 and i dont think i could make it to mercury before 8. i wish i read this post earlier.

  2. just got home from it. what a great show. didnt catch the first band, but Morningwood and The Scissor Sisters were awesome. what a treat.

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