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  1. Ha! funny…If any modernage readers from LA are interested, this band called
    The Citizens Band, whith a fluctuating lineup that has been known to include Karen Elson (Jackie Whitie’s bride), a musical troupe in the old fashioned sense of the word comprised of a like-minded group of artisans with an ever-changing line-up and boundless creativity. Led by core creative directors of actors/musicians/dancers including supermodel Karen Elson, Adam Dugas, Sarah Sophie Flicker, Jorgee, and Paul Cantelon, Maggie Gyllenhall, Rain Phoenix, et caetera, will be performinte tonite at the SEVEN jeans party at the Roosevelt Hotel.It’s one of those exclusive access corporate parties with Hollywood celebs but I say, F word on that & the more the merrier.

    WHERE: Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
    The Lobby
    Hollywood Boulevard at Orange Drive.
    (enter on Orange)

    WHEN: July 20th, 2005
    9:00 PM – Midnight

  2. Sorry if the posting above doesn’t entirely make sense, I cut & pasted from the pr release I got…anyway, you guys get the gist.

  3. Karen Elson, Rain Phoenix and Maggie Gyllenhall together at last? Super models as “artisans”–do they make cheeses, or perhaps nice glass vases?–a show for a frigging jeans company in a hotel? Christ, LA sucks.

    Is it just me, or can we please go back to, oh, 1994, when indie land was about, I dunno, the music, not VIP access and cool clothes? (Anonymous: I know you were just posting a press release, so I’m not saying this reflects on you.)

    In other news, Clap Your Hands were fabulous last night. They sound exactly like The Clean. This is a good thing.

  4. Yeah, I did end up going but my friend and I got bored waiting for the band to come on so we bullshitted our way into the “enforeced exclusivity” pool area downstairs, where we drank some more. Then we’re like, man, this scene is not happening. So we went to Little Joy in Echo Park instead and did two bags of coke. Man, we party way better than these corporate Jeans people and their Hollywood pals!

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