August Interview: The Train Wreck Issue

Interview magazine

Woah, it’s like a whole load of weird all up in the August issue of Interview. It starts off with the fact that Pete “One Crack Pipe or Two” Doherty is on the cover of what is being heralded as the “Music Issue.” When was the last time Pete Doherty wrote a decent tune? Between his busy schedule of posing with Kate Moss, picking up trash, smoking a crack, and coming late to his court appearances, does this man have any time for a creative outlet?

But don’t stop there–it gets weirder with the Britney Spears and Kevin Federline portfolio by Michelle Kole. Briterline pose on a beach as a butler and a maid and also as their good ol’ white trash selves.

You can also catch a pre-jail sentence interview that Marc Jacobs did with Lil’ Kim. There are also some unfortunate pictures by Jill Greenberg of Ms. Kelly Osborune toward the back of the issue. Perhaps someone should have told K.O. that the left side of her face looks as though it fell asleep. Sad.

And to round out the oddness, Michael Pitt‘s old girlfriend, Alexis Dziena, appears in the movie section of the issue. She looks totally different than the tiny goth pixie look she was rocking while we were in college. She looks blonder, and healthier, and waaaay less pale. Sadly Pitt has not followed in her footsteps. Incase you weren’t aware, their former coupledom was recorded for posterity in the Joey Ramone video for “It’s A Wonderful World.”

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