Since You’ve Been Gone

I love you like Anakin Skywalker loved Padame.

Some of you may have noticed I temporarily stopped taking bad concert pictures for the last few days…and nary an irrelevant post to be written since Thursday! Well that’s because I was off in Los Angeles attending the wedding of my friend Alyse to her Canadian beau.

I was having such a good time that I totally forgot to check my email or even glance at the Internet. How refreshing! So many jokes about Canada were made in the last few days. I can only summarize the fun had in the words of some crazy dude on the Food Network this weekend, “it’s not to die for, but it is to kill for.”

Congrats to the happy couple! Props to the Journey into Misery duo for housing me. And to all the geeks and Canadians I met this weekend, thanks for the laughs.

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  1. Sorry but exhibit A you posted above proves that you have NOT stopped taking bad pictures. My theory is that stopped being neat when the owner stopeed caring about the Strokes.

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