Revealed: White Stripes Tour Rider

Here it is according to some Russian site. Link via Candy Cane Children message board:

The White Stripes Want A Children’s Piano And Baby Carrots

Everything is fine. The group is visiting us while they are world famous and not twenty years after the height of their fame. But looking at the list of requirements for the concert organisers (rider) in Kaliningrad, you understand, that those Americans Jack and Meg White must be kidding.

Let us begin with the fact that, as a rule, The White Stripes require not less than $100,000 to appear but they reduced this price for Kaliningrad. They were pleased by the photos of Club Vagonka found on the internet and thought that it would be an honour to be involved in the 750th anniversary celebrations.

For the sake of fairness let us note that The White Stripes made life easy for the organisers as they bring the entire trailer of sound equipment with them. The only thing they asked for was a small children’s piano. And thus far it has been impossible to find it. Then the everyday rider of the popular group became a real puzzle for the local concert promoters, which they are still trying to solve.

What The White Stripes definitely won’t get in Kaliningrad:

“12 bottles of Labatt’s Beer” – you could find this Canadian beverage at an international airport like Frankfurt but it is unheard of in Kaliningrad

“24 bottles of non-carbonated Volvic mineral water” – although we are the most western city in Russia, this type of mineral water is about as familiar to us as a double barreled shotgun would have been to the American Indians when Columbus landed

“1 litre of soybean milk from non-GM soy” – we in Russia do not show whether items contain genetically modified ingredients

“1 small jar of natural peanut butter”

“Several bags of corn chips and a jar of salsa (sharp Mexican sauce)” – Apparently, organizers will have to treat the Americans with popcorn and adzhika (it’s sort of like salsa, but sweeter and has bell peppers in it)

“Doritos potato chips – original flavour”

“Bag of Pepperidge Farm cookies” – this British treat may be gathering dust on the shelves of a Moscow epicure but cannot be found in our city.

We should be able to locate these other items:

“12 bottles of Corona beer”

“1 bottle of Jameson whisky”

“1 bottle of red wine – Cabernet or Merlot for $12-15 and a bottle opener”

“1 litre of freshly squeezed orange juice with no added sugar”

“12 cans of Coca-Cola”

“8 cans of Red Bull energy drink” – marked as being very important

“Note: it is very important that there is plenty of ice and that it is changed regularly”

“Fresh vegetables: baby carrots, green and red peppers

“Apples and bananas”

“One packet of artificial sweetener”

“Two packs of Camel Light cigarettes”

Everythng is red and white. The name ‘The White Stripes’ came about as a result of Meg White’s fondness as a child for red and white candy. And, until now, therefore, Meg and Jack pay tribute to that dear candy by only wearing red and white clothing.

By the way: Meg and Jack are living in their trailer (I think they mean tour bus?) as they need to cross the border into Poland after the concert.

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  1. There really isn’t anything strange or demanding about that rider except the 100,000 dollar asking price.

  2. The asking price isn’t that bad if they’re bringing their own gear. That’s probably worth at least $20,000.

  3. So is Jack back on the cigs? I actually thought he would be able to stay off them since he seems like the type of person who has a lot of willpower.

  4. Bleh. Tell us something we don’t know. “Hipster” is the new “poseur”. Labels suck. As long as it’s a good product not made by child slaves, I’ll buy.

  5. to the poor misguided fool who posted about “hipsters” and “posers”…

    my dear, your understanding of counterculture is warped as hell, not to mention incredibly limited. Leave it to the social anthropologists and people who have some freakin’ clue about what’s going on.

  6. I second poster Michelle. What on earth is so strange about this rider? ‘Woe be me’ Russians: stop it already. Yeah they are charging an arm and a leg but one would think those Kaliningrad nomenklatura aparatchniks who are not part of Russian mafia (excuse, concert promoters) make enough to afford it. It’s not like they’re asking for pool tables, 50 gardenia candles from Paris, or that everything in the dressing room be upholstered in white, like J Lo Fuckhead. (For the most outrageous riders go to:

  7. “There really isn’t anything strange or demanding about that rider except the 100,000 dollar asking price.”

    I agree. Even the asking price is lower than I expected. Think about it, they have to pay a crew and travel exspenses for everyone out of that etc…
    Nothing strange at all about that. If anything that rider is bare bones.

  8. I respect the work of cultural anthropologists, but I don’t need one to know that we are all being marketed to and the counterculture has been co-opted. Ever hear of baby boomers? It’s the same old story.

  9. They might as well take it while they can. Their 15 minutes of fame is about up.

  10. I don’t think the rider or the $100,000 asking price are outrageous. This band saved rock and roll, it’s the least they could ask for. And yes, the cigarettes are for Meg, as is the Jameson.

  11. Russians are the most thankless people on the planet. Chernobyl was the best thing that ever happened to them.

  12. Uh Laura, this may seem a bit petty but why do you keep giving credit they don’t deserve? Most of the stuff you get from there was posted on the Little Room way before it was posted there. Why aren’t you on the Little Room anyway?

  13. Yeah, if that’s all that’s on it, it isn’t bad at all. I saw Aerosmith’s rider once. It was so big it had a table of contents.

  14. Compared to the 2.5 million dollars Destiny’s Child commanded for perfoming for an hour at some kids barmitvah, $100,000 is nothing. In fact, Jack and Meg deserve more if you ask me.

  15. The little room sucks. Too much censorship on the web and self important rock star ego worship.

  16. These demands are hilarious. It’s Kaliningrad, not Moscow or St. Petersburg (and even there the stuff would be hard to come by).

    Here’s a crazy idea – how about recognizing it’s Russia, not the US, and trying things like native vodka?

    They might as well be demanding Taco Bell in Mongolia.

  17. That rider is totally normal for bands one tenth their size, and the fact that they’re asking for Labatts in Kaliningrad probably means they didn’t do a special “Russia only” rider, and I would venture to guess that they won’t complain when they get a different kind of beer.

  18. i believe they had a flight from Kalliningrad to Gdansk (Poland). Well, at least they left Poland in a plane to Croatia or something.

  19. you guys are really reading to much into it they are probably just messing with peoples heads. i dont really think they care if they do have this shit. if i was wanted through out the world i would demand shit to, to see how far people would go to please me for my talents. i honestly think its the funniest shit and how you causer are fighting over hipters being the new posers and labels and record labels and its just the best its doesnt matter how you dress who you listen to who you wear, as long as YOU like it and you are doing it for you. NOT TO FIT IN.

  20. A lot of times,the small petty stuff you find on the rider i.e one bowl of M&M’s only green ones, if this is taken care of the tour manager knows the important stuff has been as well.Its a gauge of the venue.

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