MisShapes Weekly

Hilary Duff and Greg K.

Check out these photos of “Hilary Duff and friend” trotting around Manhattan yesterday. But take another look–that “friend” is my friend Mr. Greg K, who you may know as being one of the fierce MisShapes DJs or as a fixture on the New York socialite scene. Hilarious! Link from Audrey.

In other entertainment news, I saw a taping of one of the challenges of “Project Runway” Season 2 just a few hours ago. I signed a waiver so I could participate in the challenge, so I’m supposed to keep the info of what I saw confidential. But what I can say is that I was sad that the model I really liked wasn’t wearing the outfit I liked the best. Also hard to say which of the contestants is this year’s Wendy…although there were some “personalities” running around.

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