While You Were Sweating

A lot of times I get so busy with work, eating, and going out I don’t have time to report on all the things that I do. Here’s some of the stuff you’ve been missing because I haven’t had time to put up the pictures.

The Redwalls at Mercury

On June 2, I got to see The Redwalls perform to a crowd of adoring squealing girls and 40-year-old men at the Mercury Lounge. They are a really solid band, in the tradition of the Beatles, the Stones, etc. If they had been born 30 years earlier, they would be pint-sized superstars. Love them.

Maximo Park at Tonic--I think

On Saturday, June 11, I got to see Maximo Park take down Tonic on the LES. I got there right before the band was going to go on (at the ungodly hour of 2am) so I got stuck way in the back…but I was half-asleep by that point, having trekked my ass all the way from a Brooklyn birthday party to make it to the show. Needless to say, I couldn’t see a thing since I’m short, and I was all the way in the back. Here’s an idea of what my conversation during their set sounded like (I’m the one in quotations):

“Hey, what’s that guy on the trampoline playing?” What? “That guy on the right–all I can see is him jumping up and down. Is he on a trampoline?” No, that’s the bass player. “Oh. Well anyway, it’s good to see Jason Schwartzman playing in a band again.” Huh? “Doesn’t the lead singer look like Jason Schwartzman in ‘Rushmore’?” I guess so…

Then on Sunday I saw Lords of Dogtown. I love that Bai Ling was in it as the rollerskating photographer chick.

Then on Tuesday I got really excited about the movie trailer for RENT. I am a big fat theater geek.

Caesars at Bowery

Yesterday I saw rock photographer Elliott Landy do a slideshow lecture at the Apple store about his work shooting 60’s musical legends like Janis Joplin, Hendrix, and Bob Dylan. During part of the lecture he was saying how bands no longer use the amazing colored light like bands such as the Joshua Light Show used during their set. Well it just so happens I went to see the Caesars at Bowery Ballroom tonight, and literally within moments of stepping into the venue, I noticed the use of the very colored oil light shows that Landy was saying were now extinct (above). Go figure!

Here’s another picture I took tonight–this one of the rambunctious guitarist of the Caesars. He was off the wall, jumping around and diving into the crowd, holding up his hand in the air as he made the “number 1” hand sign, throwing his guitar up into the air and catching it, spinning the guitar around his neck with the use of the guitar strap. He totally reminded me of Graham from the Mooney Suzuki. He (along with the rest of the band) was even wearing all black. They were totally the Mooney Suzuki’s separated-at-birth Swedish twin band.


Another thing that was kinda awesome about the show was there was this dude in a wheelchair up front who decided to start smoking during the concert. He was totally playing the “handicapped card.” Like they were going to throw out a guy in a wheelchair! You just can’t. Lord knows what other inappropriate things that man does in his chair. Awesome.

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  1. Redwalls are on their way today, Laura. They were featured on this week’s MTV “YouHearItFirst”, and tonight they’re on Conan.

  2. yeah, that pic is really cool. i’m glad someone’s giving caesars props, as i was a bit thrown at first by the fans in the audience last night, mostly due to a frisky bald man dancing it up during the second opener’s set. i saw security pass through when the wheelchair guy started smoking. they sort of pushed people disgruntled-ly as yeah, who’s gonna throw out a guy in a wheelchair?

    cover of boys don’t cry was too fantastic.

  3. The Redwalls are so derivative! Someone needs to point out to them its no longer the 60s. Stupid kids! Stupid label wasting time and money on them… shame really.

  4. What’s wrong with being a guy in your 40’s?
    It’s easier than being a girl in your 40’s.
    You’ll see.

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