Catching Up on My Favs

My spies reported that last night Tim Wheeler was eating pizza with some friends at the Magician–which is right next to La Caverna, the spot of last night’s Interpol after party. I know a while back I wrote that I had a story about Tim Wheeler from Dublin, but I never wrote about it. (Nor did I do my run-down of my super-fun vacation.) Long story short, when I was in Dublin airport, I was waiting
on line to go through security and this dude 2 people in front of me
wearing a brown leather jacket and a Diesel hoodie caught my eye. I
only saw the side of his head, but I was like “Oh my god! I think
that’s Tim Wheeler!!”, the lead singer of Ash. But I wasn’t sure, so I
waited until he passed me on the line. I thought maybe it was him, but
still again not sure. Then I was able to see the name on the airline
ticket he was holding, and it said WHEELER on an Aer Lingus ticket to JFK–my flight.

I lost him somewhere in the security check, so I didn’t get to say anything to him. When I went to the waiting area for my flight, I didn’t see him so I thought
maybe he was in first class or something, but 10 minutes until the
flight was going to board I saw him roll up with his little suitcase. I contemplated going up and talking to him, but contrary to popular belief, I’m quite shy–and I rarely approach musicians, especially if I am a fan of their work. I was also feeling a bit woozy, due to some mysterious cold/sickness I hadn’t managed to shake off.

I did eventually go up to him and talked for a moment. The conversation ended on a weird note though, after he asked me if I had been to Ash’s Bowery Ballroom shows. I said, “No,” but then continued with, “Do you like The Bravery?” He looked at me and very nicely said, “Ah yeah, they’re our drinking buddies!” I made a perplexed face, and considered telling him how a lot of people in New York felt about the Bravery but decided against it. I ended up abruptly saying, “Er…well thanks! I’m really a big fan!” and walking away. Hahah….

In Sondre Lerche news, on July 25th the Norwegian pop star is releasing a UK EP for “Two Way Monologue” which features the videos
for “Two Way Monologue” and “Days That Are Over”, and three new songs:
“Johnny Johnny Ooh Ooh,” “Hoisting The Flag” and “Don’t Fool Around.” You can also get it from iTunes. Delightful!

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  1. Well at least you got to talk to the guy. One time I went to an Ash show at the Avalon in Boston. I forget what opening act was on stage and I guess Charlotte came out to watch them.

    So, I’m at the bar when my cousin goes, “Hey, isn’t that Charlotte?”

    I looked and thought, nah, couldn’t be. I thought she was way too short and really couldn’t tell. No one was going up to her anyway.

    So, Ash comes out on stage to perform and sure enough I look over at my cousin when I realized that, “Son of bitch, it is her.”

    Her hair was way different. Plus, these people are supposed to be giants not little dwarfs.

    I blew my chance of sleeping with Charlotte. Okay, not sleeping but you know, basically mumbling about to her like the shy condor from Looney Toons.

  2. Caught Ash at the Knitting Factory in LA with Alyse and friends last week. They played a late show, so I rushed over from the Athlete show at the Troubadour and managed to miss only one song. Drunken peeps kept starting a pit. They played for two hours. Then we snuck backstage to hang with them. Charolette recognized Alyse and Eddie and she gave us a nice hello and jokingly asked where everyone was coming from. Tim was drunk and gave me a big hug.

  3. I did see it posted here yet, but since you are such a Jack White fan I’m sure you know that he’s announced news about his side project which you can read about in NME

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