I Call New York Times Bullsh-t

RE: Jon Pareles‘s article about him hating Coldplay. I know that this is an opinion piece, and that’s fine, but I do take issue when you start making incorrect references such as the following:

“‘Am I a part of the cure/Or am I part of the disease,’ Martin pondered in ‘Clocks’ on ‘A Rush of Blood to the Head.’ Actually, he’s contagious. Particularly in its native England, Coldplay has spawned a generation of one-word bands–Athlete, Embrace, Keane, Starsailor, Travis and Aqualung among them–that are more than eager to follow through on Coldplay’s tremulous, ringing anthems of insecurity.”

Who fact-checked this? Sometimes I make mistakes like these, but then again I’m not getting paid to write the garbage that appears on this site and I certainly don’t have fact checkers, but what the hell is your excuse Jon Pareles? I would expect you to know that both Embrace and Travis were around way before Coldplay and both reached their peak of popularity even before Coldplay had ever released an album.

If anything, Coldplay is influenced by those bands, not the source of inspiration for them. Chris Martin looks to Embrace lead singer Danny McNamara for advice about his work–he was one of the three people Chris gave rough cuts of X & Y before they finished recording the album in order to get feedback. (The two others were Tim Wheeler from Ash and Jake Paltrow, Gwyneth‘s brother.) Oh and Travis are from Scotland, not England–so they’re Scottish–not English.

I’m so pissed at you Jon Pareles, I hardly know what to do with myself.

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UPDATE: The Times has finally uploaded the story to their Web site. You can also have your say in the Popular Music forums. Go ahead, tell Pareles what you think about his oversights.

10 Replies to “I Call New York Times Bullsh-t”

  1. that’s retarded.

    Embrace have been around for ages before Coldplay.

    Athlete have nothing to do with Coldplay

    Starsailor were around before Coldplay and sound nothing like them

    Keane don’t even have guitars!

    that kind of lazy journalism makes me so pissed off.


  2. im a fan of the modern age and as big of a coldplay fan as you are and im trying not to post this comment in all caps..

    that article was shocking. i want to go to tower, buy a copy of travis’ good feeling, and bring it over to that hacks offices and ask him to show me on the cd what year it came out.

    and if you are going to attack coldplay, how can you not mention anything about parachutes?… im just fuming right now…

  3. i agree with the sentiments expressed and that the NY Times article is complete bullshit, but id like to point out that Coldplay were around before Starsailor… just so that we Coldplay fans have our facts checked, unlike the douche writing for the times.

  4. Do please get off your high horses, fans of Coldplay. pareles’ statement can very well be read in a non-literal and yet still accurate way. Who will deny the fact that the wide success of such a weak sauce, conventional act as Colplay has opened to floodgates for like-minded pap from England? I think it’s precisely that which he meant. Some of those bands may have been well known or at least noted in England, yet completely lacked a US presence before the Coldplay brought down the house with their mewling “anthems.” If there was a God, Brendan Bendon would be huge. And mediocre Coldplay but a footnote in gossip mags.

  5. Pareles is lazy, but after hearing the new album I must say so is Chris Martin when it comes to writing lyrics.

  6. I was wondering what all the Coldplay fuss was about and thinking I must be missing something, something must be wrong with me. Then I read the Pareles article and realised that he was saying everything I had ever felt about Coldplay. That’s what critics are for I guess, to put our puny, unarticulated thoughts into something intelligible. Coldplay are really boring. Thanks Jon.

  7. Coldplay is amazing and those of you who haven´t figured that out yet just might be missing some sense of good music.

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