The Fame and Misfortune

The Fame on the cover of NY Press

Woah! It’s always shocking when New York Press has something good to say about anything. It’s even more shocking that when they do find something they like, they get a total raging hard-on. Case in point? This week’s cover story on local rock band, The Fame. It’s 46 paragraphs of unadulterated drooling and fawning–it might make you blush…or it might make you sick all over yourself. Of course writer J.R. Taylor takes some time out to make pot shots at popular, successful bands (therefore automatically worthless and un-cool by NY Press standards) like The Shins, The Strokes, and Interpol–I heard that you’re not allowed to get a piece run in the Press unless you make fun of at least 3 things liked by hipsters.

But speaking of hipsters, can anyone explain to me why a newspaper so set on being an abrasive attack against anything slick or manufactured cool goes ahead and puts a slick looking cartoon rendering of the band on their cover? Hey, they finally got me to stop and pick up their paper when I saw the cover, so they must be doing something right.