Revealed: Michael Pitt, Musical Superstar?




Around 4:30 PM today I got the best email ever–and email informing me that Michael Pitt‘s band Pagoda would be playing with Aloke at Pianos for the first 4 Wednesdays in June–starting today. Who knew that Michael Pitt even had a band?!?! I quickly dashed off frantic emails to anyone I thought would be remotely interested in seeing Pitt (best known for his roles in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, “Dawson’s Creek,” and the upcoming Gus Van Sant movie more than loosely based on the life of Kurt CobainLast Days) take on the dubious title of actor-slash-rock star. The prospect of being treated to a delightfully stomach-turning performance (remember Keanu Reeves in Dogstar or Russell Crowe in 30 Odd Foot of Grunts?) was an opportunity I just couldn’t refuse.

Surprisingly enough, Pagoda wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting them to be. In fact, they were actually kinda good–for a rip-off Nirvana band. Pitt was at his best when he was letting loose and passionately screaming whatever he was saying into the microphone. There were some good riffs going on, and the songs were listenable. Actually, better than just “listenable.” Some of them might have been a bit good. Being at that show was like being time warped into the early 90s in Seattle. There were people banging their heads in the front of the crowd and the bassist looked like he hadn’t changed clothes since 1992 as he wore his sleeveless tshirt and let his long blond hair flick around. Pitt sported a hole-y dark colored tee with ripped black jeans and a sea foam green Fender guitar. The drummer, apparently a dude named Ryan, had loads of friends in the audience (indicated to me by their screaming of “Ryan! Ryan!”). It was all kinds of awesome on many different levels of both good and bad taste. But perhaps I’m just being blindsided by the fact that I absolutely adore everything that Michael Pitt touches for some unexplained reason. To me, Michael Pitt is to acting as Ryan Adams is to music. I suppose if Ryan Adams decided to professionally act, I’d feel the same way about it as I do about Michael Pitt’s musical career: I love it even if it isn’t the best.

Much to the chagrin of Kiran, there were no Ryan Gossling sightings, nor were there any Asia Argento, Lukas Haas, Gus Van Sant, John Cameron Mitchell, JT Leroy spottings either. If they were there, I wasn’t clever enough to spot them. I did however remember seeing a skinny girl much like the one in this picture up front dancing her heart out.

You can find some Michael Pitt solo/Pagoda MP3s by following the links in this thread.


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  1. well if he had actually gotten the part in Cold Mountain like he wanted, it would have came sooner. unfortunately Jack got it and we had to deal w/ the slight possibility of a Wedgie-White baby. Glad that’s over.

  2. aww … I wish I could have been there … sniff .. But France is too far … Anyway , I saw you linked to my posts with Michael Pitt’s and Pagoda’s song . The thing is that they are available only for one week , but I’ll update the link ! Because Everyone should listen to his music … divine … I love it !
    Thanx for sharing this great moment !
    Do you mind if i use some pix for icons ? I’ll credit of course !
    Thank you so much again !

    Peace and Love .

  3. Mhhhh… thanx for post all that report. I wish i could see Pagoda live, but NY iss too far away =(

    That are so great Pic’s =)
    We have a Michale Pitt Fan site, and want to ask, should we post the Pix there in the gallery?
    With Credits of chourse!


  4. Actually, Ryan turned down the part in Cold Mountain before it was offered to Jack White. Later during a rant about Jack White on his website, Adams said something like – I didn’t see “actor” in my job description.

  5. i have to agree with you–what is it about michael pitt? why is it i absolutely love everything he does? sure, he’s handsome, and he is a really good actor, i think, but somehow there’s something else. he’s just…electric. intense. amazing.

  6. I definitely wanna see Michael Pitt in concert, I was in Ny last summer, and he played in a bar with Pagoda, and actually it was so close from the place that I was, and I didn’t fuckin know it! I was so mad! So this summer I’ll be in San francisco… unfortunatly michael pitt is not a hollywood actor like all the others… If he was, He would probably move to LA to have a chance to play in bad stupid expensive blockbusters… And if he did so, I would be “close” from him (I could easely do SF LA just to see it)… then again, maybe I could come to NY in greyhound, that’s not so expensive… But I need to know if He’ll be there at that time, I mean, you speak about four wednesdays in june, can you just give me the dates please? I don’t wanna cross all that fuckin big continent for nothing. And maybe you now his next concert dates, please, I beg you, share it!!!!


  7. Ok, I’m gonna be truthfull with you, gonna tell ya the heart-opened truth, ‘cos maybe you could help me, and help is what I need
    (‘cos love isn’t all I need, stupid beatles!)
    God. I can’t believe it. I’ve been one of the greatest dumbass in the world. See, once upon a time, it was, I think, one year ago, there was that girl who dedicated ( her life to the dark forces of hell)a web site to Michael pitt. But finaly, and I don’t really know why, the girl couldn’t bear it anymore, she had to close it for a secret reason, but she let a note in the front page to apologyze not going on with her site ( She called it “Pillow lips”, am I ringing a bell?). In the I’m-so-sorry-to-give-up letter, she talked about the musical futur of Michael. It was in 2004, september, he wasn’t that famous(Last days wasn’t on screen) and she didn’t know a lot of things about his musical projects. She just said that he was working on his first album, and she precised that if we wanted to listen to it, we should go to his film manager, she (or he, I don’t remember) would give us free samples of michael pitt music, and the good working girl gave the adress… it was in NY. I think.
    And me, the big dumbass, I didn’t bother myself to write the adress… I thought I would come back later… and later… and… and now i’m fucked ‘cos I’ve done that big pain-in-my-ass research on google, taping Michael pitt, a thousand different links appear, and I’ve been through the first 24 (!) pages to look for that closed web site where the girl let her message and the holly adress…and of course, it’s not here anymore. Now Michael pitt’s almost famous, now you can only find stuffs about Last days and everything.
    Here I am, needing help, dying of hatred against my’fuckin’self. See, I’m a painter, I do some exibitions, and you know, that’s not so easy to find galleries and everything, and for the big part of my last (days?) paintings, I used huge pictures of Michael pitt. The last art gallery, in Paris, was ok with that,’cos, I guess, they didn’t know him as an actor and thought he was one of my models, or they just didn’t care anyway, the next gallery, in SF, does care about! They don’t wanna get involved in my shit, they harass me to send them a written letter of michael Pitt(or his agent)allowing me to use his image in an art project. That bothers me a lot, of course, it’s to late to do new paintings, and damned, I don’t wanna do it!
    Here it’s the end (my friend), the dumbass spoke, now it’s your turn, tell me you know the message I’m rambling about, the one which gave the adress of the manager or I don’t know who on the ex-pillow lips site? Or tell me you know another way…


  8. He is Jme Kalland formerly of Portland, oregon. He was in another band there… ask him about it

  9. hes a street kid mike met in portland but he said he came to new york to play with them.

  10. can you please tell me were i can get his music i tried the beautifullyscarred one and another one that you guys gave but the bandwith is done for the month on those sites i wanted to get that day and i have from death to birth thats the only one it would let me download thanks peace

  11. does anyone have any info on Pagoda .. where they’re playing now? Is the band still together?

    and Jme … if you’re reading this, call the britlady in IL 😉

  12. Well I watched Last Days last night and I was more than sure that it was him singing…well screaming…lol…So I thought I’d check and see if that band Pagoda was real…or just something for the movie…I wish they would come to Canada…even if they are a Nirvana rip off…at least they are a good Nirvana rip off…lol…

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