Best IM Conversation Ever

Ahh…your friends from Long Island–Gotta love ’em:

Miss Modernage: Do you want to see Michael Pitt’s band at Pianos tonight after dinner?
XxxXXxxxx: I have homework after we leave, but thanks
XxxXXxxxx: not sure what Pianos is
XxxXXxxxx: Actually, I have a friend playing at CBGB’s next Wednesday that I may go to
XxxXXxxxx: ever hear of that place?
Miss Modernage: WHAT? Are you serious?!?!?
XxxXXxxxx: is it a cool venue? she seemed really excited

In other news, check out Rufus Wainwright picking up NYU boys at last weekend’s MisShapes. Ahh, just like the old days!

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  1. Oh… your friends from the city… they still go to pianos and talk about the last pavement record… poor long island, we are soooooooooo jealous.

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