Albert Hammond Jr’s Secret Life as a Roller Skating Champion

Hammond Jr. with two feet on the ground in 2001Yes, it’s true. He used to be a skater…a roller skater. Strokes guitarist, Albert Hammond Jr., has been revealed as a child roller skating champion. Hammond compares life on wheels to life on stage:

“It’s weird it hasn’t come out sooner,” groans Hammond Jr. “The weird thing is, I used to skate in front of, like, 5,000 people and I was never nervous, but the first time I got on stage, there were four people there and I vomited.”

Talk about rockin’ and rolling! Someone please find a picture of Albert skating and send it to me.

Amazing link found on Sea of Angels.

UPDATE: Here’s a reader submitted image of what Albert on wheels might have looked like.

Disclaimer: This is not a real photo of Albert skating

The Little Jew that Could

ultragrrrl at ultraprom, 2004.My honorary Jew-heart is swelling with pride. Ms. Sarah has been given a place in the Heeb Hundred, a list of the hottest, most buzzworthy, sometimes Kosher-keeping Hebrews on the face of the planet.

In addition to that, you can now pre-order her book, The Pocket DJ, which drops in October 2005 on Amazon as of…now. Is anyone surprised that there’s some Killers props cropping up on the front cover (see below)? What would Brian Molko say?

On behalf of the goys, let me be the first to say “Mazel tov”!

The Pocket DJ by Sarah Lewitinn

Ryan Adams Is the Only One Who Knows My Pain

Ryan Adams, Battery Park July 4, 2003Ah, Ryan Adams. You and your sad love songs, how I eat it up!

Check out Adams’ latest album (Cold Roses) on a full audio stream up on his Web site. Yes, that’s right, the ENTIRE ALBUM is now available on his Web site. Personally, I like disc 2 the best.

You can buy the album starting this Tuesday, May 3rd, in the US.

Speaking of drunks, Avril Lavigne’s alcohol rampage at Spider Club continues…this time with a Canada Dry t-shirt.

Shortbus: Not Just for Retards

Info passed on to me by Beat Royalty:

Extras for needed for John Cameron Mitchell’s film,
Shortbus. Not just the
so-called “sextras,” but the fully-clothed as well.
Please get in touch with James Coppola at the email
address below if your interested, and feel free to

Ok, so now I start rounding up all the freaks and
geeks for Shortbus‘ salon scenes. These are party
scenes where all the art/music kids exchange
ideas…and fluids. The crowd is supposed to be all
bohos, and homos and well, us. Big stretch, I know. I
want all shapes, sizes, colors and genders. There will
be 3, possibly 4 shoot days between May 16 and May 27.
If you’re interested in being a part of this please
email me at SHORTBUSextras with a quick
self description/photo and confirm that you will be
able to become available for 3 or 4 days during
the aforementioned period.

James Coppola.

Not at Coachella, but Just as Far Gone

Memories, like the corners of my mind...Coachella 2003

Catch some of what you’re missing over at Mediaeater’s Flickr photostream.

More on Coldplay’s closer yesterday over at NME and Calendar Live. More on the festival en general over at and The Desert Sun.

In other Left Side news, UK Charlatans’ frontman Tim Burgess borrowed members of Starsailor to play a gig for his new album in LA. Glad to see that they’re keeping themselves busy and out of shooting range from Phil Spector.