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Now’s as good of a time as any to take some time out to talk about some of the rockin’s and rollin’s that have been occurring courtesy of some of New York’s homegrown talent.

Dirty on Purpose at the Mercury Lounge

In addition to having a Mercury Lounge show booked for June 18th with Bishop Allen, the Dirty on Purpose dudes and dudette get their hair down in this Loose Records interview.

Benzos, Morning Stanzas

Last Tuesday the Benzos new album, Morning Stanzas, hit stores. I want you to pay special attention to the artwork because my friend Vince designed the whole lot of it.

Check out the new pas/cal and La Laque split off of Romantic Air. Detroit’s pas/cal does a song called “Summer Is Almost Here” and NYC’s La Laque does “Secret.” Both tracks are available for promotional download thru May 27th on the Romantic Air Web site. BTW, the site was designed by Sean McCabe, who is the wonderful artist behind Interpol’s albums and the new Spoon album, Gimme Fiction.

The White Stripes Are Leaking All Over My Internet!

Meg White in Blue Orchid video

It must be that time of the month, because everything is leaking red and white…as in the White Stripes. Video for “Blue Orchid“–LEAKED! (Although the video DID air for the first time this Sunday…it features a ghost-like redhead strutting around in high-heeled ballerina shoes and posing with a white horse. Weiiirrrrd.) Entire album Get Behind Me Satan–STREAMING LEAK! Various MP3s from the album–LEAKED on MP3 blogs! (And NOT just “My Doorbell“…there are more floating around the Interweb if you know where to look.)

Although I can’t officially condone illegal streams and mp3s, I am excited to hear what everyone thinks of the new album and video. Read what I had to say about Get Behind Me… in April.

Surefire Leave Blood on the Bass

Bloodshed at the Surefire show

Woah! Surefire totally lit the Bowery Ballroom on fire tonight. I’m super-tired, so a show summary will have to wait, but take a look at the picture above. You may notice there’s a huge red splotch over the white part of the bass. That’s blood. Surefire rocked so hard that red and white blood cells were shed during the show. It’s one of the few human liquids that is OK to shed during a rock show. Good job guys!

Coldplay Superfan Strikes Again

Coldplay at the Beacon Theater 2005

Coldplay at the Beacon Theater 2005

Gwyneth and her posse

Tonight’s Coldplay show at the Beacon Theater was a bit better than last night’s Storytellers in terms of energy. Probably due to the fact that there were simply loads more people present to scream, cheer, and clap.

Set list: Square One, Politik, God Put A Smile, Speed of Sound, Warning Sign, Yellow, Low, Till Kingdom Come, Clocks, What If Encores: A Message, In My Place, Fix You

More later…I’m pooped!

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Our Special Correspondent’s Review of Coldplay’s New Album

Coldplay's X and YThis site is starting to turn into your one-stop-shop for all things Coldplay, isn’t it? My friend Matt was one of the lucky folks picked by MTV to get an advance listen of Coldplay’s new album, X & Y, which doesn’t come out until June. He was kind enough to let us post his review of the LP. Here it is!:

I was fortunate enough to hear the album in its entirety last night and well, here’s my review.

Overall the album is very A Rush of Blood to the Head-esque, with more pounding guitars and pianos, complex layering. Lots of discussion of discovery, repairing/fixing, and not being alone any more. Very personal album. At least one or two songs definitely about Chris Martin’s daughter, Apple.

I’ve included key lyrics and what I thought the song reminded me of.

SQUARE ONE “from the top to the last day… somebody listening to what you say… doesn’t matter who you are” Sounds like: “Politik” meets “Spies”

WHAT IF “what if… there was no time, no reason or rhyme…if you should decide that you don’t want me there by your side.” “bend or break…risk you take… how can you know if you don’t even try” Sounds like: “Scientist,” “Trouble”

WHITE SHADOWS “as a young boy i tried to listen… wanna feel like that.. part of the system, i am.” “all the space i’m taking up… stay with me” Sounds like: “A Whisper,” REM, Radiohead during OK Computer-era, “Clocks”

FIX YOU “too in love to let it go” “tears stream down your face” “lights will guide you home” “i will try and fix you” Sounds like: pretty, “Scientist”/”Amsterdam,” acoustic guitar, big bridge, gospel-esque ending

TALK “oh brother…been trying hard to reach you” “so scared of future and wanna talk to you” “nothing’s making any sense at all… let’s talk” Sounds like: loud and catchy, exploding guitars

X & Y “when something is broken you try to fix it… repair it any way you can” “wanna love you but don’t know if i can” “you and me floating in a tidal wave together” Sounds like: sexy, “We Never Change”

SPEED OF SOUND “how long before i begin… before you decide what it feels like” “chances..this mountain of mine” “when you see it then you’ll understand” Sounds like: “Clocks,” “In My Place”

A MESSAGE “don’t have to be alone, dont have to be on your own” Sounds like: “Green Eyes,” acoustic, u2

LOW “see the world in black and white.. no meaning to your life” “i feel low” “all you ever wanted is love, never gonna give itself up” Sounds like: ROCK!, “Daylight,” “A Whisper”

THE HARDEST PART “wonder what it’s all about” “waiting for that bell to ring…strangest start” Sounds like: The Beatles, “Green Eyes,” very light

SWALLOWED IN THE SEA “you belong to me not swallowed in the sea” “put me on a shelf kept me for yourself” “i could write it down and spread it all around” Sounds like: cheesy lyrics, very clear vocals, A Rush of Blood…, “Scientist”

TWISTED LOGIC “sunlight opened up my eyes” “see you for the first time…” “one foot forwards” Sounds like: loud/angry, “A Whisper”

TILL KINGDOM COME (hidden track) “unlock the door, let me in” “drummers begin to drum… never felt this way before” “hold my hand inside your hand..someone who understands” “for you i’d wait till kingdom come” “wait for me” “wait until my days are done” Sounds like: Parachutes-era Coldplay, country, Bruce

For me the highlights were: “What If,” “Till Kingdom Come,” and “Square One.”