Where Have All My Weekends Gone?

Ever since the weather has gotten warmer, I’ve been strategically spending less time indoors, and therefore away from my computer. I’ve been so busy not being at my computer that I’ve neglected to document some of the things I’ve been doing.

Last weekend I went gallery hopping with Matt in Chelsea, finally getting to see the Neeta Madahar “Sustenance” exhibit at the Julie Saul Gallery featuring birds. We ended up walking around Greenwich Village when I decided I needed a Magnolia cupcake. We waited on the line, but when we finally got in they had NO VANILLA CUPCAKES! Have you ever heard of such a thing? Not one single frosted vanilla cupcake could be found. One of the workers then proceeded to try to get me to buy a slice of cake or a banana bread cupcake, but I refused. She told us to come back in about 10 minutes when the freshly baked cakes finally cooled off and could be frosted.

We walked off and then after perhaps maybe 15 minutes I decided that yes, I had to have a cupcake, so we headed back toward Magnolia. When I looked up at the sky, I saw the most ominous looking clouds looming overhead and I exclaimed, “Oh NOoooooo…” A man walking a bike in the opposite direction turned to me and said, “Oh YEssssss…” Ah, only in New York.

We continued walking toward Magnolia, and by the time I finally got my cupcake and we were headed out the store, a torrential downpour had begun. I tried to cover my blue-frosted cupcake with a sheet of wax paper as we ran across the street to stand under the Lulu Guinness store’s awning.

Across from us were two girls in a SUV, who decided to play Biggie on their car stereo. Matt and I could hear the car bass booming, and we saw the girls inside the car start dancing in their seats–so we decided to have a dance off and we began dancing on the sidewalk. The girls in the car noticed us and for about 5 minutes we were having a hip hop dance off in the midst of a rainstorm.

Last Sunday I got to check out the Slater Bradley exhibit at the Guggenheim. It was pretty cool.

Then this past Friday I saw Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, and it was actually kinda not bad. I love Ewan McGregor, he’s so awesome…and Hayden Christensen is kinda dishy. Poor Natalie couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag. If you were at the 10:45 showing of the movie at Union Square and were one of the people who clapped in the right-hand section in the front of the theater during the opening credits, you’re STILL in the geek section.

On Saturday I had brunch at Freeman’s and found out they have Strongbow on tap at ACE Bar, on Sunday I saw Diamond Nights at Shout! and Kelefa Sanneh wrote about the new White Stripes album, and on Monday (yesterday) I hung out at Coney Island–the first time I’d gone independent of the Siren Festival–and rode the Wonder Wheel and discovered that I’m a bit scared of heights–or more specifically I’m scared of being at the top of the Wonder Wheel, because it’s terrifying to look out and see nothing in front of you. I also had two Nathan’s dogs and fries. Mmmm hot dogs!

This weekend Sondre Lerche (who’s developed a slight case of yellow fever) is playing that free show at Sound Fix in Brooklyn. Woah, two weekends in a row in Brooklyn–what is wrong with me?!

I also have no remote idea what the cool gigs are for this week. I thought I remember seeing something in the Voice about getting passes to a free Futureheads gig at the Swatch store or something but then it fell out of my brain. When summer is just around the corner, who can concentrate on anything besides BBQ, lemonade, Coldplay, the White Stripes, wearing skirts, and doing it?

I just saw Terry Richardson wearing a red and black flannel shirt, sitting on a bike as I walked down the street to my apartment. He was talking about “punk rock” to some beefy dudes.

4 Replies to “Where Have All My Weekends Gone?”

  1. Holy fuck, I think I was at your screening of STAR WARS. (Unless I saw a 10:15, but I don’t think so. Sadly my ticket stub’s not with me.) And yes, the clapping was retarded. But a thousand cheers to the first guy who laughed during Padme and Anakin’s first awful exchange of come-ons (“NO! It’s because I love YOU! Bitch!”)…

  2. the hip hop danceoff sounds awsome,
    at any time did one of your posse go “you suckahs got served!”?

  3. the danceoff was awesome, and that rain was fierce!

    futureheads info: private show (NOT in swatch store…but in a secret location that rhymes with ‘shmianos’), get pass at any swatch store in the city.

  4. i;m glad jack get married he deserve some body younger reneewas to old for him karen is 11 years younger that about jack age is 29 renee is 36 and kenny is 37 perfect match

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