Something for Everyone

Some days I get bummed about the Internet because there’s nothing to be jazzed about. But that day is not today! There was a whole load of Web goodness and fun stuff sent my way. Check it:

Check out Daft Punk’s new video for their song “Technologic“–a.k.a. “That new song on the iPod commercial.” It features a creepy stripped-to-the-circuits baby robot and the daft helmut wearers themselves. I think this song is ridiculously good in that infectious I could play it all day on a loop way.

Speaking of songs you could play over and over and not get tired of, I’ve been listening to the greatest song ever recorded by a band I hardly ever listen to. It was released sometime last fall, but I only recently discovered two days ago on my computer. I don’t even know how it got on my hard drive, but thank god it did.

The song is “Your Cover’s Blown” by Belle & Sebastian. I cannot believe how fantastic this song is and I’m angry that I haven’t heard it until now. It’s got the sexiest, funkalicious bass line and jumps from being a groovy BeeGees-type ditty and then morphs into a Zeppelin-esque second act–it’s like an indie version of the “Immigrant Song,” then it finally ends with a beautiful pop sound that rivals the Beach Boys. It’s the best song ever. I love it so much I want you to hear it right now. Go ahead, download it. Listen to it. Love it. Marry it.

Other songs by artists I hardly ever listen to that you should also hear and fall in love with are “on/off” by Snow Patrol and “Westside” by Athlete.

If you STILL haven’t seen the latest White Stripes video (for their song “Blue Orchid“) then here it is. Doesn’t it remind you of the Addams Family meets the video for “Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground“?

Just FYI–If you’re one of the first 100 people to pre-order Get Behind Me Satan from this site, you will receive a free White Stripes 7 inch of “Blue Orchid.” If you use the code “orchid15” you’ll get 15% off, but it expires on June 7th.

While you’re on the Revolver Fims site, you may as well check out the video of The Futureheads‘ “Decent Days and Nights” shot by Stardust. There’s something very INXSI Need You Tonight/Mediate” video meets a spray can feeling to this.

If seeing Ryan Adams and the Cardinals perform “Let It Ride” on Letterman last night wasn’t enough for you, here’s your chance to download an entire performance he did in San Francisco in 2001.

If none of those videos got your motor running yet, here’s the NSFW video for “Paper Doll” by Louis XIV. It features lots of boobs, crotch shots, and Suicide Girls. Just like God intended.

And finally, if you’re not running away this weekend, check out Diamond Nights perform live at SHOUT! @ Bar 13 on Sunday around 11pm. As per usual, admission is FREE!

If you’re feeling a bit more gender-bendy, please head over to Motherfucker‘s 5th year anniversary party. Check out this interview Tricia Romano did with the Fab Four of Johnny, Georgie, Justine, and Michael T. It’s also serving as the official launch party of Last Night’s Party magazine. Yes, you heard me, magazine.

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  1. johnmartin totally loves that belle and sebastian song! he played it for me last year and i tried to guess who it was for like an hour. i totally failed. wasn’t even close.

  2. ah bless. belle and sebastian. i almost fell over when i got the books ep. now i just dance like a fool.

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