See, I Do Utilize My Mailing List

Yesterday I wrote a message to my mailing list:

“Late-breaking blind item news…

I like to think some of us still believe in keeping secrets in the
age of the all-divulging blog world.

Two great concert surprises are going on tonight. One slyly announced
and the other one unknown to the concertgoers.

One show below Houston has some hot power players spinning the wheels
of steel while the secret guest has got it going on. The last time
they hit NYC, they played a space that could probably fit 6-10x the
amount of people this venue can take.

The other surprise of tonight is not that much of a surprise if you
think about it. Rumor has it that mope rock will get a punky rock
jolt tonight…nothing is confirmed, but that hasn’t stopped everyone
from buzzing about the pairing…and the guest list. Ooohhh yeah!”

Jason follows up on my leads

In other news, I still hate Brooklyn. Link from Jenny.

Music of the Moment: Cold Roses, Ryan Adams; Demon Days, Gorillaz; “Blue Orchid,” White Stripes