Coldplay’s New Album: “McDonald’s: Over 4 Billion Served”

Chris Martin goes tongue-in-cheek in this quickie interview in the Intelligencer: “We study the most popular products and we try to sing about it as much as possible. That’s why the next album is called McDonald’s: Over 4 Billion Served.’ Reminded of the chain’s recent offer to pay rappers to name-check burgers in their songs, Martin composes one on the spot: ‘I’ve tried heroin, and I’ve tried crack, but nothing gets me high like a big Big Mac.’ You think it’ll work? I just earned $50.”

11 Replies to “Coldplay’s New Album: “McDonald’s: Over 4 Billion Served””

  1. sure he is. ever heard “fake plastic trees?” he talks about watering cans and chinese people LOL

  2. Obviously you’ve never heard a Chirs Martin interview then, because he is quite humorous. Thom Yorke on the other hand hasn’t said anything funny since 1995.

  3. Thom yorke needn’t be funny, It’s about the music, I for one, am very fond of his work and find that every cheap copy or ‘wannabe’as they are called nowadays, are a threat to the human race and should be exterminated…

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