Surefire Leave Blood on the Bass

Bloodshed at the Surefire show

Woah! Surefire totally lit the Bowery Ballroom on fire tonight. I’m super-tired, so a show summary will have to wait, but take a look at the picture above. You may notice there’s a huge red splotch over the white part of the bass. That’s blood. Surefire rocked so hard that red and white blood cells were shed during the show. It’s one of the few human liquids that is OK to shed during a rock show. Good job guys!

16 Replies to “Surefire Leave Blood on the Bass”

  1. excuse your french. actually, anonymous, quite the contrary. ive never seen a band roll out amazing potential hits one after another. it was insane! i just didnt think they could bring any more rock and they just did. i was thoroughly exhausted by the end.

  2. surefire are just the next strokes rip off out of nyc! their song “seems to me” sounds exactly like “last nite”, give me a break people!

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