Will Ryan’s 10 Pounds Be Evenly Distributed?

Ryan Adams and the Cardinals will appear on the David Letterman show on Wed, May 25th.

For our friends on the other side of the pond: As part of Budweiser’s “Bud Rising” Festival, Out Hud‘s show at the London Marquee on Saturday May 21 will be free entry. The band are onstage at 9.30, but get there early as demand will be high. After their set Justin will be d-j-ing in the upstairs bar.

Check out Slater Bradley‘s The Doppelganger Trilogy now appearing at the Guggenheim. It’s a collection of three of his multimedia works, which according to the press release, are “fashioned as a recording of a faux concert performance, using a technique reminiscent of what would have been employed to capture the event when it purportedly took place.” The performers he takes on are Ian Curtis, Kurt Cobain, and Michael Jackson. Now through Sun May 22.