“Last Days” Gets Its First Start

Last Days poster

The new Gus Van Sant movie, “Last Days,” starring Michael Pitt premiered at Cannes last week. Pitt plays “Blake,” a Kurt Cobain-esque singer of a grunge band.

And correct me if I’m wrong, but is Pitt looking kinda extra dishy in that drunk-Ryan Adams sorta way with his new dark hair? Check it out for yourself. More: 1, 2, 3

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  1. Mmmh, dishy Ryan-esq boy. I do love Michael Pitt, and I think I may love him even more now.

  2. I can’t believe gus van Sant lets Michael Pitt perform songs that he *HE!!! Not Kurt Cobain!* wrote. They are shit, and this entire movie is a horrible piece of shit and if you go and pay money to see it you are a jive turkey of the highest order.
    ps; no he does not look like Ryan adams in this movie.

  3. the movie isn’t a factual, biography, tell all of kurt cobain, idiot. It’s loosely based on various aspects of his life, to have nirvana songs would make it pretty biographyesque now wouldn’t it?

  4. I saw the film at cannes. it got a very rough reaction. although very “good” and extremely memorable, it doesn’t come together like elephant. it’s a tough one- a masterful film that is in no way pleasurable to watch or particularly insightful. i mean, it’s basically a dead man walking, pissing, mumbling, falling, and drinking sour milk for two hours.

  5. and by the way, it’s cobain. fuck this “based on”. it’s kurt cobain to a tee, just name changed for legal purposes.

  6. arocke, this is very interesting. I am intrigued that you describe the movie as you did (the other anonymous, the one who called me an idiot: eat sh*t, you clearly haven’t seen the movie. It sure as F*ck as the other guy says, is a literal, and I do mean ever so literal retelling of Cobain’s last days. Check out the threads and sunglassses Michael Pitt is wearing in this movie..before you spit the pr-fed bullsh*t that this is somehow a “metaphorical” canibalization of poor Cobain’s carrion.)
    Dude…did you seriously think there is something of worth in this movie? the cinematography is pretty, I will agree to that. But I found the whole “mumbling mad man Cobain in the forest for 40 minutes” shtick soooo insulting to the viewer. There is NOthing, Nothing for the viewer there. I remain convinced that van Sant made this moving solely so he can jack off at the image of buttnacked Pitt-as-Cobain “ascending to heaven” (Talk about “being literal,” dudes!)

  7. By the way, (me again): Courtney, whore of Babylon that she is, has got nothing on van Sant in terms of insulting the memory of Cobain and everything the poor man stood for. I never thought I’d say this, but yupppp. This quote unquote filmmaker has managed to rape Cobain harder than any exploitative shtick that came before. Rape me again, my friend, indeed.

  8. Even if I’m way too late with answering to this topic and my native language isn’t yours I wanna say, that I’m voyeuristic and hysterical enough to say, I want to see this movie as soon as possible.
    By the way, here’s a link to an interview with Pitt and tell me if I’m dreaming or does Mr Method Actor Michael Pitt trie to BE Kurt Cobain at the time of maybe 1994?

    The arrogance and boredom he tries to represent is exactly the way Cobain used to talk and act in interviews.

    I mean I’m from Germany and never heard of this kid but is he THE man he tries so hard to be in this interview?

    However, here’s the link. It’s a german site, but you’ll see a picture of Pitt and beside the picture the words “Teil 1”, “Teil 2”, “Teil 3” (just means Part 1 etc).

    You’ll find out.

    So, finally:


  9. Can’t copy´the correct link in here.

    Just go to http://www.arte.tv, then click “Filme” (films)above.
    Then click “Festivals” on the left side and then “Cannes 2005”.
    There you’ll see two old but happy men with trophies in their hands.
    Click “Die Filme” (the films) and then you’ll find the entry “Last Days”.
    Finally there you can choose to watch an interview with Gus Van Sant or Michael Pitt.

    I’m afraid that was a bunch of useless work.

    So please follow my instructions, please.

  10. van sant’s recent film is a steaming stinking piece of shit. the worst film i have ever seen. worse than gigli. worse than ghost ship. worse than torque.

    does anyone know of any film WORSE than last days??????

  11. From what i’ve read it paints him as a junkie who was about to die. That sounds accurate to me.
    Fuckin junkie

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