Things to Do While I’m Chasing Leprechauns

Goodbye cruel New York! I will not miss you because I’m sick of you. I hate you, even. All those fruitless nights I spent underneath your unforgiving glare. I am leaving you. But alas, I know I’ll be back to shed more tears in your honor…or at least in Coldplay’s honor.

Y’all are gonna have to start reading NME on your own, and not wait for me to post about it. Although I totally beat them with the Albert scoop earlier this week.

Here are things you can do without me for the next week or so:


If you are in Chicago, please head over to the Metro to see one of the special “buzz gigs” Coldplay are doing to promote their new album, X & Y

Tune in your TV and watch Beck perform a song from Guero on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.


The Saints + Lovers return to the Mercury Lounge. Other bands on the bill include Vitamen and The Giraffes.



Watch the first half of the Elvis mini-series on CBS. The beautiful Jonny Rhys Meyers stars as the King.

It looks like a potential train wreck, but who can resist the urge to see Rose McGowan play Ann-Margret?

Also check out the wonderful hardcover book, Elvis by the Presleys. It features amazing shots of Elvis’s personal possessions and new interviews with Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley. It’ll make you want to go to Graceland.

MAY 10

Diamond Nights, Once We Were Diamonds

Hang out with the dirty rocker crowd at the Diamond NightsOnce We Were Diamonds” EP release party at the Mercury Lounge.

Tell the photographer of the cover artwork exactly what you think of the photo. I think it looks great.

MAY 11

Get all international and see Stereo Total and Les Georges Leningrad play at Bowery Ballroom.

Get all mainstream pop and scope out teenagers from the ‘burbs and while watching =W= at Roseland.

MAY 12

Check out The Rapture‘s Vito Roccaforte hit the ones and twos at the Run Roc night at Rothko. The bands playing are Neutral Mute, Spankrock, and Skism

MAY 13

Here’s another TV date: Beck and the making of Guero will be the subject of a piece on ABC’s Nightline.

You can also have the chance to contract a whole array of diseases from one of the comely attendants of the Fischerspooner residency at the Canal Room that very same night. If you can’t make it in time for the show, get down at 11pm to catch afterparty DJ sets by the MisShapes crew. RSVP to fischerspooner @

1 penny goes to the person who leaves the best comment while I’m gone.

6 Replies to “Things to Do While I’m Chasing Leprechauns”

  1. that elvis mini series is soo not accurate:

    “look at those clothes”
    “those are a style all his own”

    no it wasnt.
    it was influnced by the black friends he hung out with growing up.

    “the king of rock n roll”

    all he was was a tool to get white people to listen to black music.
    thats the only reason sam phillips signed him at all.
    elvis loved black music and people in general.

    so, yea,more or less the first “black white guy.”

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