The Rooster Has Crowed

Which one of us is the dreamy one?

I just found your new indie rock boyfriend. He’s British, 24 years old, and a singer. His musical influences are a bit dubious, especially for someone who didn’t grow up in America. He idolizes Aerosmith and Guns N’ Roses. Er…anyway, his name is Nick Atkinson and he fronts a band called Rooster (in the blue and pink tshirt, above).

Apparently they are pretty well known in the UK, having already appeared on such popular radio programs like Jo Whiley’s show on Radio 1.

Rooster’s sound is mainstream, slick pop rock. It’s kind of uninspiring music, so just look at the pictures with the sound off. Thanks.

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  1. this band a so shit. I interviewed the singer recently and he was the second dumbest person I’ve ever spoken to in my life (the first being the keyboard player from Maroon 5).

    In Britain, they just play kids TV shows, do gigs for 14 year old girls and pose on the front of gay mags. So, a bit like Franz Ferdinand then.

  2. I’m appalled that the Rooster dude cites GnR and Aereosmith as influences. Where are his balls? Weezer has more balls than that. It’s a shame, too, because the guitar intro on Come Get Some is pretty righteous. Then the singer had to go and ruin it.

  3. wrote una: “In Britain, they just play kids TV shows, do gigs for 14 year old girls and pose on the front of gay mags. So, a bit like Franz Ferdinand then.”

    best comment ever.

    what is their DEAL?

  4. theyre fucking rank. stop writing about all these shit british boy bands. and all these shit american bands. theyre not cool, theyre fucking shit. really.

  5. by the way
    being on jo whiley means youre shit, mostly. everybody knows this. even if youre an american hipster who blogs about some really awful bands you should know this. trust.

  6. last time i checked, that post was about how cute the lead singer is, not how great his band is. in fact, i said in my post that the music is awful and not to listen to it. i couldn’t think of it at the time, but they’re just like those horrible bands Maroon 5 or what’s that other one w/ the stupid soda ads? Three Doors Down?

    if i stopped writing about “awful bands” i wouldn’t have anything else to talk about–the state of modern day music sucks. if i wanted to write about the “greats” or “classics” i’d probably be a 40 year old guy writing for Tracks or Mojo. in case you didn’t realize, the name of the site is the “modern” age. Modern as in NOW. even if you are an anonymous poster who reads blogs written by american hipsters who like awful music, you should know this.

    and being on jo whiley doesn’t mean your automatically crap, it means you’ve got a mass appeal. it just so happens many “musicans” and “bands” that have a mass appeal are crappy.

  7. jo whiley is a bit rubbish these days, yeah. what with peel dying and lamacq, mark and lard being kicked off, the whole of radio 1 is going down the pan 🙁

  8. Franz’s DEAL confuses me. I remember interviewing the Rapture and referancing the FF comment of “we want to make music girls can dance to” and the two Rapture dudes I was talking to (can’t remember which ones, uh, the hot new york ones) went nuts saying “THEY STOLE THAT FROM US THE SONS OF BITCHES”. Which leads me to believe that Franz raped the Rapture’s image and moved THE FUTURE OF ROCK MUSIC away from house music, and back to the 80s.

    This all means the Rapture have a lot of spadework to do. Fuck Franz Ferdinand. Typical example of image blinding substance. Yeah, they have a couple of good pop songs, but they’re still dumbass malnourished Scottish psuedo-posing fakers. With bad ties.

  9. Getting the girls dancing pretty much describes the entire history of rock music, and probably music in general. The Rapture can’t exactly lay claim to that.

  10. WHo is this Una and why does she brag so much about her so-called journalistic career? Huh? I do not agree with her views on Franz. I think you got it all wrong sister. Rapture are such rip offs of that punk disco Gang of Fourish thing, all swathed in almighty irony. The gall, the gall that they have intellectual ownership just because they were in their own pathetic little afro-covered skulls “the first” to shamelessly rip off bass riffs. FF at least have style to burn and wonderful songs to back up the cockiness.

    xCherry Bombx

  11. yes, i was playing it fast and loose with the ‘future of rock music’ comment. Im not bragging dude, merely adding relevent anecdotes to a thread.


  12. I am a 24 year old from england and i cant believe you guys all slating rooster like that! Theyre an amazing band, went to radio one’s big weekend last week (an open air free concert), they were on the same bill as foo fighters and kasabian and rocked out just as much. There live set was awesome and they did a really cool cover of no diggety by blackstreet. And as for the comments about their musical influences, if aerosmith and gnr were that shit do you really think they would have made so much money doing what they are doing?

  13. U don’t know what Good is when u do tell me!!!
    I’ve got there album and it is definetly not shit!!!
    And Nick has also got a really good rock voice or r u just jelous and una U’re the dumbest person I’ve known!!!!

  14. wat exactly do u ppl listen 2 2 call Rooster, FF, Aerosmith n GnR shit ? Usher? 50cent? I so love u’r last comment watever ur name is : Get Taste.

  15. i think they ripped off the first three letters of my band.

    are they on the latest oc soundtrack? cause we paved the way for that shite…

  16. Rooster r so not shit and nick atkinson is cute, the lead singer has a great voice and threy dont just do kids t.v shows, yea jo whylie is shit but it dusnt mean all the bans or singers that go on are. Plus, he can match up 2 any fucking american singer an he has got balls, theyve cum out of nowhere and got famous, he is quite intelligent and write their own lyrics. And they r nothing like franz ferdinand 4 fucks sake, hav u got fucking hearing problems, Uma? an theyve never posed on a gay magasine get your fucking facts right!


  18. Anyone with the slightest bit of taste in decent music will know that rooster are absolutely shit. yeh ok so franza ferdinand are a bit full of themselves, but at least they have a few decent songs to back it up with. ive noticed that the really decent bands of modern times (modest mouse, interpol and yeah yeah yeahs to name a few) just write brilliant music, perform it and tour. then they go back to the studio. unlike the shitty, chain-hanging-out-of-pocket, faux pop punk bollocks that manage to, whenevr they have anything out, pop up whenever u turn on the tv or radio.

    will orchard


  19. for the record:: Rooster are new and fresh and offer loads to the music industry. not only is their music fantastic and popular, they are all cute and the lead singer is gorgeous. Having met them as well they are intelligent and funny guys. Have you ever met them? Enough said.

  20. Rooster are an awsome band how can half u ppl sledge them when u probably wont even make it into the music industry! deh so until u guys are perfect and can sing better then that and have actually got a band and earn more money then wat us do working at macdonalds. Dont slam a good thing!

  21. Ok Una when you have a band adn everyone in the world loves them and u have sold millions of records then you can criticise other peoples musical ability. And calling Nick stupid is a bit rich seeing as you must lack any intelligence if you think that anyone cares about your sad little opinions and like other people have said you must be deaf if you think they sound like franz ferdinand because they dont quite obviously to everyone. I stumbled across this by accident and to be perfectly honest if all you people can do to fufill what must be sad pitifull lives is insult hard working bands then ypu are truelly more pathetic then you will ever know.

  22. omg rooster suck balls, and they only do that coz they have none of their own. they suck, they are liked by 12 y/o girls who don’t have any interest in the music, just what they look like…

    now some1 get a shotgun, kill the fuckers and move on…

  23. ok so u dont like them why waste yr time slagging them off, have u nothing better to do? and why do u leave yr name as anonymous if yr gunna write sumthing u might as well put yr name to it. and how do u know that only twelve year old girls like them and only for their looks? i know plenty of people who like them who are in late teens to early twenties and they like their music not them so why bother trying to slag off a band and argue if u dont even have anything useful to say especially if it isnt true god and u insult them. and as for shooting them if all losers like u were shot and people moved on the world would be a much much better place.

  24. Hello! Rooster rock and can probably sing much better than any of u! and he is cute get ur head out of u ass!

  25. man all the people saying that rooster are shit and that nick cant sing you really need to listen a bit more they are a great band and they are going to get even better and all you people saying they’re shit will relise that you were wrong ! I LUV ROOSTER SO FUCK OF ALL YOU PEOPLE SAYING THEY’RE SHIT OK.

  26. English girl here who is (FUCKING SICK AND TIRED!!!!) understandably annoyed and irritated of this band showing up everywhere. They are leeching onto the remnants of ex-Busted fans, and taking others like The (maunfactured) Tommy s down with them. Oh, and for anyone who thinks Rooster are original, I have one word to say to you.


    It’s been done before, and like Una said, the British music scene (and unfortunately indie scene too) is inundated with poster boys and girls for teenyboppers.

  27. u guys all suk! RoOsTeR rox! stop dissin em! there jus getting started.. n u cant say der musik is uninspiring i bet u havn even heard ne of der songs!

  28. i rekon that rooster are like AWSHUM!! i think tht before u start bagging out good bands like rooster…u shld go and see aome other singers, or shall i say, wannabes…

  29. Why the hell are you taking the piss out of Rooster? big deal you don’t like the band but have you ever heard of keeping an opinion to yourself or do you have fuck all else better to do? Rooster never had musical influences of Aerosmith….try Eric Clapton.
    Aslong as they have a fans who like them and appreciate their talent then they will be around for along time.So you better get use to it

  30. Ok so you don’t like Rooster but have you ever heard of keeping your opinions to yourself?
    Where did you get the idea about Aerosmith? why don’t you try Eric Clapton as their musical influence.
    Where did you get gay magazine? jesus you wanna do your research before you post bullshit and look like a twat.
    Big deal you don’t like them or their music but they have plenty of fans out there who do and as long as they have their fans they will be around for a long time. So get over and get use to it.
    p.s do you think they are going to give a shit about the bullshit you write about them on here? if you do then think again

  31. You fucking people sound so ill-mannered. Ill-advised people. Where are the balls you say? Well,they’ve got LOADS OF ‘EM. “Anonymous said…
    good god, theyre almost as bad as their name. “
    I can tell, you’re not a rock fan at all are you? Hmm, well Alice in Chains had a song named Rooster. Uhm, let see..well,I can’t remember the rest. But you people better shut your fucking tyrant mouths. Just because Rooster’s getting all mainstream now doesn’t mean they’re bullshit like you people. Do you actually know how those first ,original fans feel once Rooster gets all big?! DO YOU? Well, you don’t. You people are too half-witted to understand and shut the hell up.

  32. oh and, how would you feel if you were a band and certain amt. of people diss you,huh? I know,I wouldn’t care–but how bout you,fucker?

  33. Wow,now this–this is what I call–immature people who just utter revolting things about my favourite band,Rooster. And yes,I do love GnR as much as I love those blokes of Rooster and their damn awesome music. I have to say, your comments have seriously wasted my time but at the same time,made me realise what pathetic losers you people could be.:) Don’t try to be tyrant,because you’re not. I am. Loser. Haha.

  34. i think u all eat shit(apart from the rooster fans!) because rooster are the best band ever and so wot if u load of shit heads h8 em i dont really think they r bothered they have a massive fanbase filled with millions of fans all over the world. They r so much beta then the shit bands like busted and cheeky girls that u twats like so i suggest u all fuck off and diss shit assholes like dildo (dido) and craig david.

  35. i don’t know how ppl can call rooster a shit band, if they were a shit band then y do their tours sell out? and nick isn’t dumb at all i hav met nick n the rest of the band sooooo many times n they r all very clever guys!!

  36. rooster are an excellent band and you people slating them obviously have not been to their gigs!

  37. I have Rooster’s album and have played it many times. For one thing only their music is class. They play live with good music and have fans of many ages. Just because you dont like them doesn’t mean they are crap.
    I am sure if you all bought their album you would see where all the fuss was and what for.

  38. rooster are fuckin gr8 live so duno what ur all chatin! bet u aint even seen em live for christs sake! sort it out guys! xx

  39. I brought their album wen it come out! and not only do i being 17 like it but ma dad also does and says they are very talanted lads! he is 40! and usually only listens 2 the who and areosmith etc! the likes of them ne ways lol! ohh meat loaf! so i fink dats proof the rooster can apeal to all ages! x

  40. ok you people r out of ur fuckin brains is your callin rooster shite……. wts sorta music do u listen to i would like 2 c? A load of crap I bet

    Rooster r the best band around at the moment they have a unique style and dont sound lyk franz so dont compare them!!!!

    I think your all soo pathetic if you think people lyk them for their looks….. I lyk them for their music..
    they r talented musicians shown by the cover of no diggity all the acoustic versions and their live gigs!!!

    get down there you wont feel any more energy at another gig! wow they totally rock out
    and if you actually listened to the album you would hear how vaired their music is.

    una your an up your self pig obviously your belittling people 2 make urslef feel beta 4 sum reason

  41. Rooster are an amazing band with fantastic songs! I’m a british fan that knows good music when I hear it and they are fucking amazing. I have seen them live and they were brilliant. In fact they were the best band i’ve ever seen live and i’ve seen a few! I’ve also met the guys themselves and they were some of the niceset people i’ve ever met. They were friendly, intelligant and very grateful for their fans support. They thanked all the fans they meet for going to their gig and supporting them. They stayed 3 hours after the gig to sign autographs. Not many bands would do that. Plus they are all fucking FIT!!! All in all Rooster are amazing and everyone hads their own opinion of music so please leave rooster alone.

  42. Rooster rock! buy their album it rocks!! Go to their gigs they rule!! Don’t judge them lyk you are doing.

    The only bad thing i can say is they have premoted them in a kinda bad way by putting them on kidz magz and stuff bcz now older pple dont take them seriously

  43. i have to say that the comments on here slagging off rooster are a bit sad…if i dislike a band’s music, i simply don’t listen to them, not spend precious time dissing them!!rooster fans are all ages…for your information i am almost 35 years old, and like rooster for their music not their looks.i have also met the guys and they are genuinely nice people.yes, nick posed for a gay magazine but why shouldn’t he?it’s a free country!enough said

  44. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who hates Rooster. I read an interview with the preening nancy who calls himself the lead singer and after listing the bands achievements the interviewer asked ‘What’s next for Rooster?'”Dunno mate” came the reply. You can just imagine the smug wanker saying it. These guy’s wouldn’t have a pot to piss in if it wasn’t for mainstream radio and kiddies telly and with the break-up of the ludicrous ‘Busted’ there is an opening for limp-dick psuedo rock.

  45. you are so rude and dont no anything about rooster so why such contraversial things? Rooster r aiming to do stadium gigs and im sure nick is sick of answering the same questions…
    its quite sad you all spend your time on here slaggin of bands.. do u nt have anyfin betta 2 do? obviously not..

  46. Re: Everyone who has posted on this blog so far.

    A simple three word message which will far better enhance your respective lives than spewing out contempt for people you feel you may judge although you have never met them.

    That message is this:

    Learn. To. Spell.

  47. How can you call Nick a smug wanker? They have had ALOT of success in a short space of time and there are many more people out there who are atleast 10 times smugger then him and in my opinion one of the is including you…
    If you hadn’t worked it out I am calling YOU a smug wanker cos I think you sat back and enjoyed writing that little pathetic comment. Who cares what they say in interviews or how they look. Most Rooster fans support them for their musical talents and if you only took the time to realise you would know that they are highly musically talentd….even if you don’t like them…

  48. seriously if you got down to their gigs you would see how talented and cool their music is here are the dates:

    Thursday 13th Derby Assembly Rooms
    Friday 14th Manchester Apollo
    Saturday 15th Sheffield Octagon
    Sunday 16th Liverpool Royal Court
    Tuesday 18th Belfast Mandela Hall
    Sunday 23rd Newcastle Academy
    Monday 24th Southampton Guildhall
    Wednesday 26th Cambridge Corn Exchange
    Thursday 27th Leeds Uni
    Friday 28th Birmingham Academy
    Sunday 30th Exeter Uni Great Hall
    Monday 31st Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall


    Tuesday 1st Cardiff Uni Great Hall
    Wednesday 2nd Bristol Academy
    Friday 4th London Shepherds Bush Empire

    unless your all sad little chavs that listen to crap music

  49. With reference to the nonce who posted Rooster’s tour dates, you forgot the Ministry of Mayhem, Saturday 6th October, and Dick and Dom in ‘da Bungalow Saturday 29th October. Whoever it was who called Nick a smug wanker… Sir, you are a poet!

  50. Half of the posts on here are almost impossible to read. Thank god that ‘Anonymous’ is an option otherwise you wouldn’t have a chance. You people are the future of your local Macdonalds franchises so start acting like it!
    Your parents should have made you do a few laps of the ‘Speak & Spell’ before letting you loose on a computer. By the look of the postings here, listening to Rooster rots your brains.

    Can I have fries with that please?

  51. God you are all soo sad.. why can’t people use short hand to type? Get over yourselfs I bet your all 40 year old nobodies with nothing better to do. People are entitled to their own opinions but most of you are just being bitches and slagging them off. They are an amazing band you should check them out. And your pathetic comment about dic and dom etc Rooster are trying to target a wider audience from young people to middle aged people. They were on GMTV the other week. They are on many shows its called premotion… duh

  52. Rooster have never been on ministry of mayhem or dic and dom you fuckin twat.. piss off and get a life.

  53. o no!! I spelt a word wrong o god!!! This must mean I’m soo thick and will be working in Macdonalds when I’m older!! aaaah!

  54. This is an ironic twist of fate but you won’t believe who will be appearing on Dick & Dom this week?

  55. Well if u guys think they r crap then thats u bloody opinion but the Rooster fans like dem so leave us to Love them and if they were crap then THEY WUDN’T BE THE BEST INTERNATIONAL BAND THAT HAS THE MOSTED PLAYED VIDEO OF COME GET SOME IN OTHER COUNTRIES!Just stop this slaggin off bands they r only looking 4 a living like every other band that gives a go at what they do best and love!!

  56. Well if u guys think they r crap then thats u bloody opinion but the Rooster fans like dem so leave us to Love them and if they were crap then THEY WUDN’T BE THE BEST INTERNATIONAL BAND THAT HAS THE MOSTED PLAYED VIDEO OF COME GET SOME IN OTHER COUNTRIES!Just stop this slaggin off bands they r only looking 4 a living like every other band that gives a go at what they do best and love!!

  57. Well said…that’s all the guys are doing,making a living. They are inspriation to many people. They also give back to the fans who give to them.Like someone said earlier how many bands do you know who would stay outside and sign autographs for 3 hours? that is what you call a band….people who give back to their fans. Also there are shit loads of artists I don’t like out there but I am not pathetic enough or that needy of attention that I have to make an immuture thread taking the piss. LEAVE THEM TO GET ON WITH WHAT THEY DO BEST YOU STUPID, STUCK UP KNOBS

  58. I agree with Speaker. I think Rooster make an excellent contribution to rock music and any band that would sign autographs for three hours definitely have their fans at heart. The media seem to love them and although their influences include G’n’R and Aerosmith they don’t strike me as suffering from the same excesses that nearly killed the aforementioned. Just because they don’t have that edge doesn’t mean that their music can’t be appreciated. I think they have something for people of all ages.

  59. wow honestly this band is thee best band around at the moment!!! Just because they look good everyone has 2 pigeon hole them…pffft

    I bet if you had just heard the music and not seen the pictures your responses would be different.

  60. dont u fucking dare diss rooster! who the hell r u to diss them???? I bet they are a lot hotter and better at wot they do that u tossers! and dissing Ben…way too far!!! way too far!!!!!!!!!!! Nick isnt fuckind dumb so stop bein a prat UNA…wot kinda fuckin name is Una anyway?? Rooster are the best band around!!!

  61. I agree rooster are the best!

    And ben is Amazingly Hot!

    Anyway i dont wanna waste my life reading all your shitty comments…go and listen to the shit music you like and stop dissing rooster!

    All your comments are BORING!

  62. Ben is soo… cute and fit but i doubt all of u people slagging them off are only jealous of their good looks…!! I FEEL SO… SORRY 4 U GUYS!!!!

    ummm…. DON’T THINK SO..!!!

  63. have you even listened to their songs?its so fucking good!!!if you have any ears at all you’d use them you asshole!!its not as if you could do any better!and they made it quite big and all you can do is criticize them?what the fuck!this is so fucking sad!and so what if their dumb?fuck it!atleast they play good!fuck i dont see any you doing any fucking better!and i bet their hotter than you!who the fuck disses rooster anyway?owh yeah..fucked up people who have nothing else better to do than sit and use the computer 24/7 criticizing good bands who made something outta their lives!

  64. i have met nick atkinson! and he is even hotter in real life, there a great band and preform really well!

  65. OH MY GOD!!!!!

    are u listenin 2 the same music i am!!!! have u heard their album!!!
    they r the best thing to hit the music industry ever and will b. i have seen them 4 times in concert n u cant beat a gud bit a rock.

    they have my heart and support.

  66. they are actually reeeeally good….some people just can’t get a hold on the fact that guns n roses n aerosmith n people who are AWESOME have been….done it….people have to learn to adjust to the new deals on offer….maybe not everyones cup of tea but jeeeez give them a break! theyre one of the best around at the moment!

  67. Just like to say I love Rooster first song, but am not gonna talk for everyone, and neither should ne1 else. Everyone has different tastes in music it’s just some like hip hop and hate rock, but I say get a wider variaty in the music u listen to and then maybe you can call yourself a music critic if you want to be!

  68. hey they’re fucking good ppl……except their name is so dumb rooster…but they pretty cool overall……hell yeah..they are…..

    just bleed and die fucking LOSER!
    i hope u lose hope and kill ur self NOW! obituaries:: bitch simple fucking annoying! plan, LINKIN PARK my ass.,avril ur so complicated nnot a punk but a an asshole,ROOSTER not cool,NFG just another poser, POP=SUXS!
    GOD help me destroy these pile of shit. give fuel fire and double my desire to kill these bugs.. tomorrow will be the end. all u out there smash your enemy.

  70. All I have to say is that this whole debate is pretty pointless seeing as how good/bad a band is is subjective. I personally love Rooster, I think they’re extremely talented, I have seen them live 3 times now in both a small indoor venue and at a festival and they were amazing both times, great music great energy etc… and I have met all of them several times as well and they were ALL sooo nice, friendly and intellegent! So BACK OFF!!!

  71. I LOVE ROOSTER!!! I went to their gig in Exeter last night and they were amazing! They r al so talented and wow!!!

  72. I went 2 Rooster on Fridat 4th @ Shepherds Bush – there were the fair share of young ‘girlies’ looking for a pretty face, but me an my bloke are 34 and 38 and we rocked out. They were really pro when the lead guitarist’s guitar went down in one of the first songs – just sorted it and carried on without a hiccup. The lyrics of the opener, platinum blind, are massively well structured and the song is really tight. They settled into the gig as it went on and by the end were really enjoying playing. For such a young band they have a really mature sound – I can’t believe they are so young. I’ve seen loads of band as they really measured up – I also used to be in bands and play/sing/tour/roadie etc and I can say Rooster are tops for what they do – and if you like something else, go watch that and let those who love Rooster love in peace!!!!

  73. u know wat i think rooster are the best band eva who eva dont like them mmust be flipping mad i think there good live thogh cause iv seen them wel i just like to say rooster rock i hope they wiil neva split up even if they do they still be the best

  74. hey u know the pepole who make comments like there shit well they are fucking mad there the best band eva i think theire brill so thats what i got to sayxx

  75. yo i love rooster i think mcfly are fucking shit and rooster are the best i went to one of there concerts in 2005 it was brill it was the best eva see u xx

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