Back By Popular Demand: Baby Albert

If you thought this picture of a trippy-looking baby Albert Hammond Jr. was awesome, check out this most excellent picture of baby Al dragging on a ciggy. Woah, someone needs to stop digging up the Hammond family archives…I don’t want to get to the pictures of a 1-year-old Albert snorting coke off his diaper. BTW- I cannot confirm the authenticity of this photo, but I like to think it’s ol’ AH Jr.

You got a problem with it?

In other Strokes news, look for their third full-length album to drop into stores in January ’06.

Where Have All My Weekends Gone?

Ever since the weather has gotten warmer, I’ve been strategically spending less time indoors, and therefore away from my computer. I’ve been so busy not being at my computer that I’ve neglected to document some of the things I’ve been doing.

Last weekend I went gallery hopping with Matt in Chelsea, finally getting to see the Neeta Madahar “Sustenance” exhibit at the Julie Saul Gallery featuring birds. We ended up walking around Greenwich Village when I decided I needed a Magnolia cupcake. We waited on the line, but when we finally got in they had NO VANILLA CUPCAKES! Have you ever heard of such a thing? Not one single frosted vanilla cupcake could be found. One of the workers then proceeded to try to get me to buy a slice of cake or a banana bread cupcake, but I refused. She told us to come back in about 10 minutes when the freshly baked cakes finally cooled off and could be frosted.

We walked off and then after perhaps maybe 15 minutes I decided that yes, I had to have a cupcake, so we headed back toward Magnolia. When I looked up at the sky, I saw the most ominous looking clouds looming overhead and I exclaimed, “Oh NOoooooo…” A man walking a bike in the opposite direction turned to me and said, “Oh YEssssss…” Ah, only in New York.

We continued walking toward Magnolia, and by the time I finally got my cupcake and we were headed out the store, a torrential downpour had begun. I tried to cover my blue-frosted cupcake with a sheet of wax paper as we ran across the street to stand under the Lulu Guinness store’s awning.

Across from us were two girls in a SUV, who decided to play Biggie on their car stereo. Matt and I could hear the car bass booming, and we saw the girls inside the car start dancing in their seats–so we decided to have a dance off and we began dancing on the sidewalk. The girls in the car noticed us and for about 5 minutes we were having a hip hop dance off in the midst of a rainstorm.

Last Sunday I got to check out the Slater Bradley exhibit at the Guggenheim. It was pretty cool.

Then this past Friday I saw Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, and it was actually kinda not bad. I love Ewan McGregor, he’s so awesome…and Hayden Christensen is kinda dishy. Poor Natalie couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag. If you were at the 10:45 showing of the movie at Union Square and were one of the people who clapped in the right-hand section in the front of the theater during the opening credits, you’re STILL in the geek section.

On Saturday I had brunch at Freeman’s and found out they have Strongbow on tap at ACE Bar, on Sunday I saw Diamond Nights at Shout! and Kelefa Sanneh wrote about the new White Stripes album, and on Monday (yesterday) I hung out at Coney Island–the first time I’d gone independent of the Siren Festival–and rode the Wonder Wheel and discovered that I’m a bit scared of heights–or more specifically I’m scared of being at the top of the Wonder Wheel, because it’s terrifying to look out and see nothing in front of you. I also had two Nathan’s dogs and fries. Mmmm hot dogs!

This weekend Sondre Lerche (who’s developed a slight case of yellow fever) is playing that free show at Sound Fix in Brooklyn. Woah, two weekends in a row in Brooklyn–what is wrong with me?!

I also have no remote idea what the cool gigs are for this week. I thought I remember seeing something in the Voice about getting passes to a free Futureheads gig at the Swatch store or something but then it fell out of my brain. When summer is just around the corner, who can concentrate on anything besides BBQ, lemonade, Coldplay, the White Stripes, wearing skirts, and doing it?

I just saw Terry Richardson wearing a red and black flannel shirt, sitting on a bike as I walked down the street to my apartment. He was talking about “punk rock” to some beefy dudes.

Remaining Concert Picture from Last Week

The Sights at Bowery Ballroom

Up until now I failed to mention that I saw the awesomely rawk rock band The Sights last week at the Bowery Ballroom. They played loads of songs off of their new self-titled album on Scratchie Records. It’s really a fantastic album, so if you haven’t already picked it up, please go and do so. Support Detroit rock (even if Eddie lives in the ‘burbs).

How Not to Rock the Cradle of Love

Here’s a new rule for your “Indie Rock Handbook of Love”: THOU SHALT NOT ASSOCIATE HIM OR HERSELF WITH A GREAT SONG AND/OR ARTIST.

I think anyone you date should only really love bands/songs you don’t really like all that much–because then when you guys break up, it won’t be so bad avoiding songs that remind you of them.

Perhaps on your second or third date with them you should make them show you their iTunes playlist and see what songs rank highest for “Most Played,” because you’ll then know those are the top 10 songs you are going to associate them for the duration of your relationship. He or she is going to play those songs over and over–when you guys are kissing, when he/she is wearing your favorite t-shirt and spills pizza sauce all over it, when he/she is yelling at you for something, when you walk in on him/her having sex with your best friend, etc.

I’m not alone on this one. I have a friend who will dash to the stereo in the middle of even the hottest and heaviest of petting session if he hears The Smiths come seeping through the speakers. “I will not have them ruined,” he defiantly told me. Another friend pleaded with her boyfriend to stop what he was saying in the midst of him breaking up with her–not because she didn’t want him to break up with her, but because he was quoting a Johnny Cash song, and she was not going to have him forever ruin her association to The Man in Black.

Of course it never really works out that way in real life, does it? You’re definitely going to have slip ups…but I like that rule in theory.

Something for Everyone

Some days I get bummed about the Internet because there’s nothing to be jazzed about. But that day is not today! There was a whole load of Web goodness and fun stuff sent my way. Check it:

Check out Daft Punk’s new video for their song “Technologic“–a.k.a. “That new song on the iPod commercial.” It features a creepy stripped-to-the-circuits baby robot and the daft helmut wearers themselves. I think this song is ridiculously good in that infectious I could play it all day on a loop way.

Speaking of songs you could play over and over and not get tired of, I’ve been listening to the greatest song ever recorded by a band I hardly ever listen to. It was released sometime last fall, but I only recently discovered two days ago on my computer. I don’t even know how it got on my hard drive, but thank god it did.

The song is “Your Cover’s Blown” by Belle & Sebastian. I cannot believe how fantastic this song is and I’m angry that I haven’t heard it until now. It’s got the sexiest, funkalicious bass line and jumps from being a groovy BeeGees-type ditty and then morphs into a Zeppelin-esque second act–it’s like an indie version of the “Immigrant Song,” then it finally ends with a beautiful pop sound that rivals the Beach Boys. It’s the best song ever. I love it so much I want you to hear it right now. Go ahead, download it. Listen to it. Love it. Marry it.

Other songs by artists I hardly ever listen to that you should also hear and fall in love with are “on/off” by Snow Patrol and “Westside” by Athlete.

If you STILL haven’t seen the latest White Stripes video (for their song “Blue Orchid“) then here it is. Doesn’t it remind you of the Addams Family meets the video for “Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground“?

Just FYI–If you’re one of the first 100 people to pre-order Get Behind Me Satan from this site, you will receive a free White Stripes 7 inch of “Blue Orchid.” If you use the code “orchid15” you’ll get 15% off, but it expires on June 7th.

While you’re on the Revolver Fims site, you may as well check out the video of The Futureheads‘ “Decent Days and Nights” shot by Stardust. There’s something very INXSI Need You Tonight/Mediate” video meets a spray can feeling to this.

If seeing Ryan Adams and the Cardinals perform “Let It Ride” on Letterman last night wasn’t enough for you, here’s your chance to download an entire performance he did in San Francisco in 2001.

If none of those videos got your motor running yet, here’s the NSFW video for “Paper Doll” by Louis XIV. It features lots of boobs, crotch shots, and Suicide Girls. Just like God intended.

And finally, if you’re not running away this weekend, check out Diamond Nights perform live at SHOUT! @ Bar 13 on Sunday around 11pm. As per usual, admission is FREE!

If you’re feeling a bit more gender-bendy, please head over to Motherfucker‘s 5th year anniversary party. Check out this interview Tricia Romano did with the Fab Four of Johnny, Georgie, Justine, and Michael T. It’s also serving as the official launch party of Last Night’s Party magazine. Yes, you heard me, magazine.

Coldplay’s New Album: “McDonald’s: Over 4 Billion Served”

Chris Martin goes tongue-in-cheek in this quickie interview in the Intelligencer: “We study the most popular products and we try to sing about it as much as possible. That’s why the next album is called McDonald’s: Over 4 Billion Served.’ Reminded of the chain’s recent offer to pay rappers to name-check burgers in their songs, Martin composes one on the spot: ‘I’ve tried heroin, and I’ve tried crack, but nothing gets me high like a big Big Mac.’ You think it’ll work? I just earned $50.”

See, I Do Utilize My Mailing List

Yesterday I wrote a message to my mailing list:

“Late-breaking blind item news…

I like to think some of us still believe in keeping secrets in the
age of the all-divulging blog world.

Two great concert surprises are going on tonight. One slyly announced
and the other one unknown to the concertgoers.

One show below Houston has some hot power players spinning the wheels
of steel while the secret guest has got it going on. The last time
they hit NYC, they played a space that could probably fit 6-10x the
amount of people this venue can take.

The other surprise of tonight is not that much of a surprise if you
think about it. Rumor has it that mope rock will get a punky rock
jolt tonight…nothing is confirmed, but that hasn’t stopped everyone
from buzzing about the pairing…and the guest list. Ooohhh yeah!”

Jason follows up on my leads

In other news, I still hate Brooklyn. Link from Jenny.

Music of the Moment: Cold Roses, Ryan Adams; Demon Days, Gorillaz; “Blue Orchid,” White Stripes

When Ligers Attack


So last Friday I had some kind of extreme narcolepsy going on because I fell asleep sometime during the early evening while watching TV, only to wake up at 10:45 and realize I had to be at the Bowery Ballroom to see Stellastarr*–I mean “The Ligers“–perform at the launch of the NY2LON concert series.

By the time I wipe the drool off of my face and get myself together and out the door it was already 11:15. Oops. I practically sprint to the Bowery, hustling my way past the bouncers in the hopes that the guestlist isn’t closed.

When I arrive at the bottom of the stairs, there is a couple standing in front of the podium where the ticketlady checks people off the lists. The couple seems to be arguing. I hear the muffled sounds of Stellastarr* playing above my head. The woman behind the podium is apologetically gesticulating. What is going on?

The ticketwoman says “Are you sure you’re on the list?” I hear the man say something like “such and such friend used my name on Stellastarr*’s list, and I’m supposed to use his name… blahbalbhalah.” The ticketlady leafs through what is probably 25 pieces of paper, all containing names of people who were on guestlists or had bought tix through Ticketweb, only to give him an exasperated look of “Sorry.”

I see the guy thrust out his credit card, asking her to search the list again. I start huffing because I’m missing the show because this guy doesn’t seem to be on the list. The drunk people behind me start shouting out, “We’ve got cash! Cash comes before credit cards!” Ticketwoman ignores us all.

The guy’s lady friend also seems agitated. She looks to be a high maintenance girl, wearing shimmery makeup and an even shinier halter top. Frankly I can’t believe this girl is with the rather plain looking ticketless gentleman. I wonder if they are on a date. Then she starts yelling at him, giving him the “You’re SUCH a loser” look as she says the following: “I can’t believe you made me leave a private party with ROBERT DOWNEY JR. to come here!

Woah! Did she just say Robert Downey Jr.? Did I just get transported to L.A. or something? Is this the Viper Room? What the HELL is this girl talking about?

Anyway, long story shorter, I think the dude ended up paying cash…although I’m not sure if he had the full 30 bucks it cost for him and his date to get in. He was fumbling for cash, pulling out rumpled bills when Ticketlady was like “you can buy tickets, but we don’t take credit cards.” Also, I get in as well but sadly do not get to hang out with Robert Downey Jr. that night.

When I get up to the main ballroom floor I see Sarah and shout at her. You see, the first time I ever met her was when she was managing Stellastarr* and I came down to see them perform at Luna Lounge, so this is all feeling very 2002. A few minutes later we shout something to the affect of “We love Stellastarr*” I really can’t remember.

Jasper, who is sporting a hairdo reminiscent of a Japanese samurai, almost brushes right past us due to his tunnel-vision mission to get some shots on his cam. After stopping to say hello, he delves into the brunt of the crowd only to emerge a minute later muttering, “I’m too old for this,” retreating to a part of the venue he can actually breathe and not be subjected to pointy elbows jabbing him in the ribs.

I become transfixed looking at Mandy. I hear Barry Manalow music playing in my head because she looks positively breathtaking wearing an off-the-shoulder black top with jeans and chunky shoes. Her hair is tied up in a messy bun, but she looks so dreamy that for a second I wished I really was a lesbian (long story).

Shawn looks great too, with a shorter haircut than the last time I saw him and no facial hair. I always think it’s funny when I see him perform because I think Shawn’s onstage presence is totally different than his normal presence and voice… He’s simply wriggles around like an epileptic maniac on stage! I don’t know where it comes from, but it’s alarming and a little bit exciting to watch.

Stellastarr as the Ligers

I see various other friendly faces who I haven’t seen in AGES (they don’t have blogs, so you probably don’t care who they are). This is feeling so nostalgic! I head up to the balcony to spy the vantage point. As I squat down between the rails near the sound booth I see that Arthur has decided to get his half-naked self up from his drum kit and throw Liger gear into the crowd–wristbands, tshirts, panties, etc. Damnit! I always miss the giveaways…but what the hell? Whatever happened to the “*” Arthur used to stick on his chest with duct tape? Now all I see is a unadulterated finely chiseled pale white abdomen. Is it getting hot in here? Umm….

I eventually go back downstairs and move to the left side of the stage, only to find myself standing behind a couple that clearly believes in PDAs. I watch in horror as the guy gropes his lady’s butt as if he were kneeding bread. Then I become more horrified when he starts slapping her behind to the beat of “Coco” (see below).


I try to focus my attention on something else besides the ass-slapping in front of me, and there’s J. jumping up and down like a crazy person at the front of the stage right in front of Michael. When I look at Michael I’m instantly transported back to the first time I saw SS* at the Bowery and I wrote that he looked like belonged in a Placebo tribute band. Oh, so little has changed, Michael! But whereas back in the ’03 it seemed as as though Michael was the odd man out, he seemed totally at home and confident in his surroundings.

Needless to say, The Ligers performance was a spanking good time. The crowd seemed to stick with the set, despite the fact that the majority of the songs were completely unknown to them. Great energy, good people, good times!