Chloe Sevigny Still Loves Her Some Target

What do you mean it's not on sale? GET MY AGENT ON THE PHONE!

You may remember Chloe Sevigny from such things as her role in Boys Don’t Cry, or how about her wooden performance in the new Woody Allen flick Melinda & Melinda. No? Well surely you remember her from her appearance at the July 2004 opening of Target in Brooklyn. Yes! That Chloe Sevigny!

Well it’s certainly nice to see that Chloe’s love of the bull’s-eye has not gone wayward with her recent move to L.A. Way to keep it real, Chloe!

Catch more pix of her shopping her little heart out here.

Jason Mraz Gets All Up in the Pink

Jason Mraz loves him some PigletAhhh…photos of pop stars before they were famous. Where would our lives be without them?

It was only yesterday that annoying pop singer Jason Mraz was dressing up like my favorite Winnie the Pooh character, Piglet. Unfortunately poor Jason hasn’t grown an inch since this picture was taken, but he sure does look absolutely perfect in the all-pink ensemble.

Hopefully this was a Halloween costume, otherwise he’s got a bit of explaining to do. Picture from the JJB.

The Horrible Differences Between Americans and Brits

hungry babies look so cool when brad pit holds themThe British people fight poverty by setting up a slick-looking Web site with really cool banner ads that can be placed on other sites.

The American people fight poverty by setting up a low-rent Web site with horribly designed banner ads featuring Brad Pitt holding hungry children.

Is anyone else disturbed? I hate to say it, but even the Canadians got our goose.

I guess someone along the ways decided that Americans wouldn’t take the site seriously if it looked good. There must’ve been a suit saying, “Make it look like we really need the money…and help. Otherwise no one will listen. Oh, and put Brad Pitt on the banner ads. Poverty is so boring without some sex appeal.”

Let the Healing Begin

Man oh man. Never a moment’s rest on the Internet, eh? Gawker got to make their crime-drama joke of the day, and some other folks got a chance to vent online RE: The Blog Crisis of 2005.

I thought I’d be of some service to all y’all and list some awesome resources about cyberbullying that I found via a Teen People article I read today. (It’s the issue with Chad Michael Murry and Elisha Cuthbert on the cover. I know who they are because I’ve seen that MTV show about them making “House of Wax.”)

Good ol’ TP listed this site, Stop Cyberbullying, as a place to go to read all about what cyberbullying is, how to prevent it, and what to do if it occurs. Now I realize that most of my readers are no longer in grade school (although I suspect that some of you should have been left back), but nevertheless it’s an interesting read.

But my all-time-favorite cyberbullying resource is this cyberbullying interactive game! In it you chat with a cyberbully (who just HAPPENS to be female…not like we’re being a liiiittle bit gender biased or anything) and based on your responses, the cyberbully either gets stronger or weaker. The first time I took it, I beat the cyberbully. The second time I took it and answered truthfully the cyberbully won. Try it! It’s good times.

Fight the Feeling

Rob from The Music has obviously been reading a lot of NME and getting angry. What else could explain his latest diary posting?:

“This brings me to the huge wave of surfing snooker players who have listened to Blondie’s Heart Of Glass too many times. This influx of bands who have everything but tunes. I wouldn’t be bothered if they had something to say. They dress well, look like they have just stepped out of a salon. Fantastic. No tunes. I have nothing against people who want to dress up.

Maybe this is just me? These fucking snooker players with guitars who failed their art exam think they can merge pop music and Blondie need to start thinking bout real people who work hard all their lives rather than this marketing merging shit! Robbing Bastards! They don’t care about anyone else apart from themselves. But hey this is a common thread through society anyway today. The mentality that we have all being pushed into. Why? Because of money grabbing dickheads in suits. Yes my friends now they are in our favourite bands!”

Now can anyone tell me if the word “snooker” has another meaning than the name of a type of pool game?

Unrelated photos: Ash and The Bravery at Bowery Ballroom.

Some Blogs Are More Boring than Others

Confessing to your blogging crimes is so boring. Letting others take the fall, so much more fun. Also, taking down all the content from your site and then your roommate doing the same thing on her personal site is totally lame as well.

Now where am I going to read about me giving hand-jiggles at the Dark Room? (And as I found out a few weeks ago, that rumor wasn’t true.)

Apparently if you can’t take the heat, you get yourself and your blog and your roommate’s blog out of the kitchen.

God, does this James guy even EXIST? And if he does, does he also have a day job at the New York Press?

This whole fiasco totally reminds me of this girl I used to know about back in my days of RENT. This girl known as “Heather Decker” went around telling everyone she was dying of a terminal illness and that she had to have a life-saving operation in a matter of months. When she went for her operation, her “friend” Monica appeared, writing emails telling everyone of how she was doing, how she was progressing…but no actual word from Heather herself. Later it was discovered that Heather didn’t actually have a terminal illness–she just wanted attention. And although Monica was a real person, she wasn’t Heather’s friend, just some girl who had the misfortune of being in her college lecture. You can listen all about this totally warped story in the 155th episode of “This American Life.” The name of the show was called “Hoaxing Yourself.”

That girl was MESSED UP and has forever been seen as a JOKE and a PSYCHO. May your fate fit your crime “Blog Critic”.

More Intimate Gigs for Your Calendar

Ed Harcourt at Bowery BallroomSadly, I’m totally sick today so I probably won’t be heading to night #1 of Ed Harcourt‘s 2 week residency at Pianos, but that’s no reason you can’t head over there and enjoy this rare opportunity to see a great singer/songwriter up close and personal. If you can’t head over tomorrow, try again next Wed.

Unfortunately, you will not see labelmate and friend Sondre Lerche at any of these performances. He’s too busy opening up for Elvis Costello and playing shows down south.

Hello Karen Tomorr-O

Karen Orzolek, Hello Tomorrow

Check out the “Hello Tomorrow” single art off of iTunes. Sent in by a reader named Tess, I present this picture of Karen O for the rest of you to ogle.

Now would also be a good time to link to this older Newsweek story that talks about the music scene in New York and the death of CBGBs. In it they write: “the Yeah Yeah Yeahs…not only first performed there, they all live there.” Does Karen O in fact still live in New York? I thought she may have moved out to Los Angeles to be with Senior Jones. I just asked my friend and he said he saw her not too long ago cruising down Sunset.