9 Replies to “Case of the Missing Post”

  1. I wonder if Apple pressured Fader. The company has to know that the iPod is truly a piece of shit (anyone who has one realizes); mechanically at least. Yes, it looks good, and was ahead of the pack. But it breaks easily, has crap battery life, and is overpriced. Somehow this opinion – of many I know – never seems to really take a grip in the media. At least not yet.

  2. on the personal integrity tip, though, it’s lame that E.A. told the Voice he had ‘no problem with his former employer’ and instead complained he’d been misquoted by the times…stand by your word, holmes…the fader isn’t worth jocking that hard

  3. The NY Times article was quite interesting. Personally, I blame Clear Channel, they own the majority of the stations in the States! I don’t listen to the radio because there’s no variety. The Djs have list of music by certain artist that the HAVE TO PLAY! That’s the main reason why I don’t look to hear The Strokes to be on the radio…it’s the same thing with music videos !

  4. It’s pretty disgusting that women are being excluded as artists and audiences…

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