“Get Behind Me Satan” Cover Emerges

Get Behind Me Satan

That Jack and Meg, always up to something sneaky! Now that the cover for Get Behind Me Satan has been revealed by Triple Tremelo, I’m going to have to spend countless hours trying to figure out why they used an almost identical photo with stand ins for the cover art of the single, “Blue Orchid” (see below). Thanks to Tess for the head’s up.

Your thoughts are welcome.

Blue Orchid

3 Replies to ““Get Behind Me Satan” Cover Emerges”

  1. who knows what goes on in jack’s mind. i dont bother questioning it anymore, life is so much more simple when you give up working him out and just accept he’s sexy as hell

  2. The song is about selling out and using technology to fake things so its appropriate that they have stand-ins for the cover art of the single. Notice the white orchid (not blue) at the bottom. He’s saying why fool with perfection in horticulture and music.

  3. Who are the models on the cover? One of them looks oddly like an actor from The Royal Tenenbaums.

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