Jason Mraz Gets All Up in the Pink

Jason Mraz loves him some PigletAhhh…photos of pop stars before they were famous. Where would our lives be without them?

It was only yesterday that annoying pop singer Jason Mraz was dressing up like my favorite Winnie the Pooh character, Piglet. Unfortunately poor Jason hasn’t grown an inch since this picture was taken, but he sure does look absolutely perfect in the all-pink ensemble.

Hopefully this was a Halloween costume, otherwise he’s got a bit of explaining to do. Picture from the JJB.

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  1. nope, not a halloween costume..
    where did you find this pic?? It was a photo that I took back in high school during our performance of “Winnie The Pooh” It is on the scrapbook page on my website… tee hee! He was the bestus piglet evah.

  2. Even if it is a halloween or not He see soooo cute , with that smile that i love it!!!

    If you find more put more please!!

  3. screw who ever called jason mraz an annoying “pop” star. he os one of the most vocally talented partists i have ever heard. put down his record label cds and download someof his amazing live performances, those are the real work of jason mraz. not what his manager makes him put out to the public.

  4. Thanks anonymous…finally someone does him some justice. He may me a (cute) geek in the pink, but he is also incredibly talented


  5. The photo is cute as hell but whoever bashed my lovely talented and sexy Jason Mraz needs to actually *listen* to his music, all of it.. not just the singles.

  6. I’ll definitly second that!

    To Ashly if she reads this again.. do you still keep in touch with jason?

  7. to anonymous.. i totally agree. i’ve been to a bunch of his live performances and he is absolutely amazing. obviously whoever posted this has no idea what they’re talking about.

  8. there is nothing annoying and nothing pop about jason mraz he is extremely talented, those who have heard him sing live know what i am talking about. however it is not merely his vocal talent that put him high above pop, it is his lyrics. no matter what mood i am in i could find a jason mraz song to match it exactly

  9. wow. way to bad talk jason mraz. alot of people like him actually. you can be an ass to him by yourself, don’t put it out there for the whole world to see. OH HEY LOOK I’M GAY, I HATE JASON MRAZ. yeah its pretty gay that you’re saying all this crap about him. he’s actually pretty good. and will never be as annoying as you.

  10. to the dickhead that said jason was ‘annoying’ you have to listen to jason mraz’s live stuff…like live at java joe’s…jason kicks the shit out of jack johnson and xavier rudd and hes only annoying to gimps like you cos you are uneducated when it comes to jasons mad stuff.

  11. haha, you only said that he’s annoying, but I’m sure you know who good he is.
    if he wasn’t good, I wonder who you think is good.

  12. I think this photo is great because I’m interested in knowing more about Jason Mraz’s experiences while growing up in Virginia: his relationship with his parents/sibblings; his friends; good/bad experiences; his chidhood friends; et. … you know, the stuff that influenced his song writing.

    I have to admit that I wasn’t too crazy about his first single, “The Remedy”. I only liked the “… when I fall in love, I take my time … I neve hurry when I’m making up my mind” part, at first. Then, I heard him sing live on the weekend edition of the Today show on NBC ….. then I was completely hooked! His voice is very pure! You can’t say that about the live performances of too many singers.

    All of his songs are great! Some of my favorites are “Song For A Friend”, “On Love/ In Sadness”, “Unfold”, and “Life Is Wonderful”. “IF” I had to pick a least favorite song it would be “The Forecast” … but only because I’m eager to get to “Song For A Friend” … the next/last song on his new CD.

    Now, to get to the reason why I wrote all of this …….

    I can understand if Jason Mraz’s music isn’t “your type of music”. What I can’t understand is all the attacks, personal or otherwise, on Jason Mraz. I guess some people are use to mindless songs that don’t say or relate too much about anything … about life. The song may have a good beat/vibe/whatever … but that’s it … and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that after I listen to a JM song (most) … there is something left over … a feeling … a connection … an experience re-lived ( I laughed/cried/or just smiled). Maybe that’s why I can listen to his songs over and over and over, again! But that’s just me.

    Thanks MR. A-Z!

  13. Screw all Mraz bashers!!! He is a musical genius and there will never be another who even comes close to being as gifted as he is so before you bash why don’t you listen to him. Anyone one on this earth whom has heard Mraz and not liked him must be crazy.

  14. 1) It’s not gay to hate Jason Mraz, it’s gay to say you want to bumf*ck him if you’re a man.
    2) I love his music, and think he’s adorable. Especially in that photo. He’s obviously a man secure with himself. 🙂

  15. mk so….i have to admit that i just fell in love with mraz´s music about 3 months ago.but he isincredibly talented and whoever called him annoying is probably one of those people that like a song for a day and then switch styles along with the crowd. Jason Mraz is amazingly talented. and oh so cute.even inpink. he might look gay, but he said he´s not. and he has more grls after him than most striaght guys who laugh and him or w/e. sooo know what you´re sayin before you type it in. later loves.

  16. I’m one of the only straight guys that actually likes Jason and I would have to say that even if someone says they hate him or think he’s annoying or not talented obviously are listening to his radio play. I’ve been a fan ever since I listened to Live at Java Joes an album most people have never heard of. Even if someone does not like his style of music (which is quite diverse and hard to put into genre) they should at least acknowledge that he has an incredible vocal talent if they have half a brain or at least some appreciation for music.

  17. Jason Mraz is cool and even if he was gay so what? The dude is an amazing talent and I’m into his music not his undies like some of the posters here.


  18. I absolutely LOVE jason more than anything. I love that he is actually a writer and his music is meaningful. This picture is great… I want to see more!

  19. O my gosh i jsut love jaosn mraz he is my idol i am going to his oncert ina month i am so happy he was so cute as a kid he has the same face just more mature lol!

  20. O my gosh i jsut love jason mraz he is my idol i am going to his oncert ina month i am so happy he was so cute as a kid he has the same face just more mature lol!

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