Let the Healing Begin

Man oh man. Never a moment’s rest on the Internet, eh? Gawker got to make their crime-drama joke of the day, and some other folks got a chance to vent online RE: The Blog Crisis of 2005.

I thought I’d be of some service to all y’all and list some awesome resources about cyberbullying that I found via a Teen People article I read today. (It’s the issue with Chad Michael Murry and Elisha Cuthbert on the cover. I know who they are because I’ve seen that MTV show about them making “House of Wax.”)

Good ol’ TP listed this site, Stop Cyberbullying, as a place to go to read all about what cyberbullying is, how to prevent it, and what to do if it occurs. Now I realize that most of my readers are no longer in grade school (although I suspect that some of you should have been left back), but nevertheless it’s an interesting read.

But my all-time-favorite cyberbullying resource is this cyberbullying interactive game! In it you chat with a cyberbully (who just HAPPENS to be female…not like we’re being a liiiittle bit gender biased or anything) and based on your responses, the cyberbully either gets stronger or weaker. The first time I took it, I beat the cyberbully. The second time I took it and answered truthfully the cyberbully won. Try it! It’s good times.

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  1. McGruff obviously does not understand the concept of sarcasm. Stupid bully was on steroids.

    Also, I was RECOMMENDED to be held back, but chose not to be. Thanks a lot.

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