The Highs and Lows of the Record Industry

The Hong KongFresh news off the press release printing: New York’s The Hong Kong have signed to Ric Ocasek’s Inverse Records, an imprint of Sanctuary. Their debut LP is scheduled to be an 11-track affair.

In blast from the past news, Starsailor have announced that they are currently in the US, hard at work on their third album with producer Rob
Schnapf (Foo Fighters, The Vines, Beck, Elliot Smith). I’m not sure anyone really wants to hear a third Starsailor seeing as how the last one (released here in the US on Capitol) was less than inspiring, but I can just cross my fingers and hope for the best…or at least hope this producer won’t end up shooting anyone after working with the band. (If you remember, the producer of Starsailor’s sophomore was the infamous Phil Spector.)

There’s been quite a lot of head scratching since Coldplay released the album artwork for X & Y. I know I’ve been spending quite a bit amount of time trying to figure out what the hell that is a graphic of. Is it DNA? A warped double helix? A flattened out Rubix Cube? Is a paint-by-numbers gone wrong? Is it Apple’s first illustration? Color Tetris? Is it a late April Fool’s joke? What the hell is it?!?! Coldplay sure have a lot of explaining to do over this one. Read on as loyal CP fans try to justify the world’s ugliest album cover.

Music of the moment: Blur, Think Tank; Heart, Greatest Hits; Beck, Sea Change.