May the Force Be with Them

You ever joke around with your friends and say “oh man, my friends are such nerds” because they like watching The OC or love playing video games? Well, I can genuinely say that my friends actually are nerds. Right now a few of them are spending valuable daylight hours sitting out on the street in LA as part of the Star Wars line. Sure the movie doesn’t come out until mid-May, but there my friends are lining up like a bunch of sick losers. Dear Jesus.

But don’t worry–it’s not just a bunch of virgins gathered for the single purpose of being the first geeks on earth to witness the last installment of the Star Wars franchise…they have a purpose! The members of the line are attempting to raise $20,000 for the Starlight Starbright Children’s Foundation. They’ve already earned 28% of their goal, so dig deep you nerds in hiding and give to a good cause!

If you saw today’s Boing Boing post, you are probably well aware that you can dial the public payphone right by the line and speak to a genuine Star Wars geek at any hour of the day! The phone number to call is (323) 462-9609. (Please don’t talk dirty to them, you don’t want to excite those kids too much.)

I made the mistake of calling the phone number myself just a few minutes ago. I spoke to a young man named Josh who was telling me how he was going to take pictures of his nether-regions with a stranger’s camera phone. This is the kind of quality conversation you could have if you dial the aforementioned number. Being real nerds, you can also talk to them via AIM: LiningUp2005. Lord have mercy on their pitiful souls.

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