Love Is Hell

Ryan will no longer be collecting roses for his 'boo', Parker Posey.It’s bad enough that Jen and Brad broke up–Now I find out that my favorite alterna-couple has possibly called it quits. Ryan Adams and Parker Posey have been reported to have gone their separate ways. This disturbing news brought to my attention by Beat Royalty, courtesy of the Bible of All Things True, the New York Post. I’m saddened to hear that Ryan will probably now be making a drunken mess of himself on the West side of town now that he lives there. Does that mean no more Adams-Posey sightings at Hi-Fi, nor any visions of Adams lugging gear from K-mart to Posey’s East Village apartment? Read it and weep:


Posey, during happier, dog-walking times in Union Square ParkHipsters, it’s open season: Indie actress Parker Posey and her singer boyfriend, Ryan Adams, have split, a source close to him says. The 30-year-old Grammy winner made Posey, 36, his leading lady about two years ago, and they were a regular celeb sighting for residents of the East Village.

Posey even co-wrote a song and contributed backing vocals to Adams’ 2003 album, “Rock N Roll.”

But now it’s over and Adams has moved out of the ‘hood – and into a townhouse in the West Village.

Before dating Posey, Adams was engaged to singer Leona Naess and was linked to Winona Ryder.

7 Replies to “Love Is Hell”

  1. so how is it that I’ve lived here for so long and haven’t seen either of them ever?

  2. I wont go in to how “reliable” the new york post is, because any fool knows its trash, but this is probably news to both of them as they were out together this afternoon.

  3. I guess somebody forgot to tell them they broke up. They had dinner at the Mermaid cafe on 2nd avenue last night and seemed pretty happy.
    I guess someone should let them know they broke up.

  4. Why would someone write anything about anyone else thats not true?
    What benifit are they getting out of it?
    Whats the point

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