Dear Whole Foods Union Square

Dear Whole Foods at Union Square,

Upon a recent visit to your store, the store soundtrack consisted of Bright Eyes and Rufus Wainwright. I was half expecting Antony and the Johnsons to come on next. Frankly, that music was bringing me down. Can you please stop making it feel like I was shopping in Other Music? Especially when there aren’t any sales clerks wearing hole-ly sweaters around to ignore me when I need help? It was bad enough I was surrounded by couples and NYU students buying organic bread and peanut butter, but then I have to be hit with a lethal dose of hipster-dom? Talk about insult to injury.

Then your up escalator wasn’t working. I trudged up the newly formed “stairs” only to find the most disorganized check out line in human existence. Unbeknownst to me there were actually 4 lines that made up the one “Express Checkout” line. How was I supposed to know that? I took a look at your delivery regions, but it costs a whopping 15 bucks to get it delivered to my neighborhood. You guys are evil!

All in all I was very nonplussed with my Whole Foods experience. I see you guys are going to open another store on East Houston, maybe then delivery will only cost 10 dollars. I’m very scared of you guys. Can you send someone over to hold me, free of charge?


Goooooddd Friday!

We were extremely busy at work today (err…) but we still had time to procure a slew of links for you to read.

Oh, and some recent sightings: New Lindsay Lohan movie was shooting on Ludlow last night, huge rain machine making it pour down as if “from the heavens.” Audrey just saw Sondre Lerche at the Body Shop. Aw. Now, the links!

Who to hit up if you want to be a male groupie.

Martha Wainwright sure does speak her mind, from writing a song about her dad (“Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole”) to telling the tale about the time Bob Dylan “wanted to fuck [her],” she pulls no punches. Gotta love those Wainwrights.

Sure, a rose by any other name smells just as sweet, but the same doesn’t apply to band names. A crap band name can impede the success of otherwise genuine musical gems.

This writer likens the British experience of SXSW to a bird crap contest. Also, Kasabian guitarist writes some suprisingly genuine and earnest notes from the road.

Steve Lamaqc on his love of music.

Internet Rockstar Gets Rockstars to Play House Party

Idlewild at Coachella 2003Do you have that all-too-common fantasy of getting the most awesome bands in the world to play in your very own home? Well Ben Brown just lived that dream by hosting a Idlewild, Bloc Party, and Maximo Park triple-threat concert…in his living room, by his hot tub, etc. The police were called. The rock continued. This is the stuff dreams are made of.

It should also be noted that Ben Brown really is an internet rockstar. Back in the day (circa 1996), when all you were reading was Zeldman and Glassdog, you were probably also reading Ben Brown Dot Com. Ah, those were the days.

Leads for the info about this awesome SPIN SXSW party from Ultra.

Moving Rock Inside the House

Just when the New York Times has finally stopped writing about Garage Rock they start writing about Bedroom Rock. Yes, that’s right, journalists can now weasel their way into the homes of their favorite troubadors in the name of “news.”

The article features Moby, Keren Ann (who has caught Conor Oberst-itis–a.k.a: overexposure–appearing in two Sunday Times pieces), and Aesop Rock.

Music of the Moment: Louis XIV, “Illegal Tender” EP; Adam Green, Gemstones; Shout Out Louds, “Very Loud” EP; Fiona Apple, Extraordinary Machine

Bloggers, Not Just for the Web

There’s been a slew of former/current bloggers writing for “real” publications in the last few months, and we just wanted to give a shout out to our peeps: We spied bylines by Jason Productshop and Karen Plus One in the April issue of Interview and Nick Catchdubs brings home the cover story bacon with a Bloc Party story and Ms. Audrey lists her DJ picks, both for Fader. Also, you can catch us talking about Tori Amos (yup) in the March issue of Interview.

Let this be a lesson to you folks, if you wanna write, get out there and get a blog–and it won’t hurt you to spin some records from time to time!