Meet the Next James Murphy/Beck/It Boy

Tom Vek, We Got SoundRichard Panic has been acting as my niche music guru and been exposing me to music I didn’t even know I love. One such instance is this British dude named Tom Vek who’s album We Have Sound comes out April 5th–next Monday–on Tummy Touch/Go Beat.

Don’t be surprised if in the not-so-distant future you start hearing the 23-year-old Londoner’s song “I Ain’t Saying My Goodbyes” burning up a dancefloor near you. (Music (for Robots) has the mp3 up on their site.)

One listen, and you’ll know why we’ve dubbed him the “One Man Bloc Party.” How do I know he’s soon to be a hot commoditiy? He’s set to play the hipper-than-hip “Trash” club night at The End in London on the night his record drops. Can you just sense the NME hovering ’round this one? You can check out his entire album on their site.

Check out a live session on the BBC’s Collective Web site.

6 replies on “Meet the Next James Murphy/Beck/It Boy”

  1. I saw Tom Vek play at the Great Eastern in January and it was awful- I dunno if his music just doesn’t work when you are on tons of drugs, but it was severely boring…
    miao x

  2. hey i was at the same great eastern show. what a shambles…. geez, it was the worst thing ever.. simon bookish… eeek… and i agree tom vek is way overrated and boring. i have seen them play twice and would not pay see them again. so many better bands from the uk to promote…

    try black wire, metro riots, nine black alps, the rakes or special needs… all of them much more interesting bands…

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