4 Replies to “Just Moments Ago…”

  1. personally, I thought they sucked a bit.

    I wasn’t a huge fan at the beginning, and at some part during the show I decided that only half of their songs are really good.

    and plus, they looked so bored!

  2. The Walkmen were pretty bad, but I blame most of it on the sound. The mix was horrible. You couldn’t tell what they were playing half the time. I wasn’t impressed by the new songs either…

  3. I f**king love The Walkmen.

    I wish I would’ve been there so I could b**ch about how much they sucked, too! (I’m kidding… They can never suck! …Plus, the tickets were $5!! It’s not like they stole your life savings!)

    Did I mention I f**king love The Walkmen?!?

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