Gruesome Twosomes and Dave LaChapelle

These links just in from the e-mail bandit known simply as “Beat Royalty”:

Dita von Teese for Vivienne WestwoodMarilyn Manson and his buxom lady love, Dita von Teese, are the official faces of Vivienne Westwood’s spring/summer 2005 collection.

R.Crumb loves Stella McCartney.

David LaChapelle hits the Tribeca Film Festival with a 84-minute film, Rize.

We found these on our own: From the Flaming Lips to Bright Eyes, insta-tributes are the trend. Says TV on the Radio’s vocalist Tunde Adebimpe, “It’s pretty much just saying: ‘You know that song you wrote? I love it. I was singing it all day yesterday, but like this. Please don’t sue me.'”

White Stripes to release new album on June 14th? Also, Jack waits for “technology to advance” in the US before attempting to again play live in America.

Best birthday party ever! One totally awesome 9-year-old kid decided to buck the traditional bowling and ice cream cake trend and have his old day festivities at the Amoeba Records shop in LA! Check out the kid doing a gansta pose with Nelly’s Sweat album in vinyl! Link from Sea of Angels.

Also found from a link on SoA, this suspect movie, Lords of Dogtown. Says the official site: “Starring Emile Hirsch as Jay Adams, Victor Rasuk as Tony Alva, Heath Ledger as Skip Engblom and John Robinson as Stacy Peralta.” This story is based on the legend of the Dogtown skaters, in which all of the “fame would take its toll on the friendships that they thought would last a lifetime as the sport that started out as an afternoon hobby turned into big business.”

(Un)surprisingly enough, the man behind this madness is Stacy Peralta himself, who has made a second-stage-of-life career of using a skewed version of his life story to make some money. Catherine “Thirteen” Hardwicke has the dubious honor of being the director of this potential trainwreck. Who knows, maybe it’ll be good…but as of now we’ve got a headache.