Goooooddd Friday!

We were extremely busy at work today (err…) but we still had time to procure a slew of links for you to read.

Oh, and some recent sightings: New Lindsay Lohan movie was shooting on Ludlow last night, huge rain machine making it pour down as if “from the heavens.” Audrey just saw Sondre Lerche at the Body Shop. Aw. Now, the links!

Who to hit up if you want to be a male groupie.

Martha Wainwright sure does speak her mind, from writing a song about her dad (“Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole”) to telling the tale about the time Bob Dylan “wanted to fuck [her],” she pulls no punches. Gotta love those Wainwrights.

Sure, a rose by any other name smells just as sweet, but the same doesn’t apply to band names. A crap band name can impede the success of otherwise genuine musical gems.

This writer likens the British experience of SXSW to a bird crap contest. Also, Kasabian guitarist writes some suprisingly genuine and earnest notes from the road.

Steve Lamaqc on his love of music.

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